AOC Decides To Jump In On The Science Of Ice Cream

For some reason, ExxonMobile EU decided to post something fun about ice cream. How it’s made, what it’s made of, and more. The article cited has zero to do with their operations, so, of course AOC, who tweeted nothing about the Afghanistan terror attack (she did retweet about taking in Afghan refugees), decided to jump in

She was actually on a tear Thursday, with multiple tweets whining about fossil fuels. You know, the ones which allow her to fly quite a bit between NYC and DC, along with all her stops around the country pushing her Green New Deal. NYC couldn’t operate without them. It wouldn’t be such a big city without them.

Why aren’t Warmists like her giving them up? Fossil fueled vehicles clog the streets of New York. They’re moving people and goods. Fossil fueled ships bring goods and take them away. Fossil fueled airplanes bring goods and visitors, take New Yorkers going on vacation away. How do you replace those?

And why do climate cultists have to ruin everything? It’s ice cream. These people are nuts. And, ice cream companies wouldn’t be able to get their ice cream to market without fossil fueled trucks.

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3 Responses to “AOC Decides To Jump In On The Science Of Ice Cream”

  1. est1950 says:

    AOC is a complete and utter embarrassment to the female gender. She has the brain power of a salamander and changes her colors about as often.

    I wonder why AOC would be thrilled at taking in Afghan refugees but the only way to take them in is with the USE OF FOSSIL FUELED JETS? Taking in Afghan refugees is ruining our planet.

    I find her silence about the terror attacks that KILLED NOT ONLY AMERICAN SOLDIERS but WOMEN and CHILDREN…someone she pretends to champion. Salamander AOC.

    AOC is one of those politicians that will be with us from now until she is 85 because she is in a brain dead district who votes (D) no matter if they are alive or not. Just like Nancy Pelosi and dozens of other long time politicians.

    AOC is the poster child for term limits. AOC is the poster child for who not to be when you grow up.

    The Very same AOC who discusses not making Ice Cream because of the need to cool it no doubt just attacked Nancy Pelosi who has not one but two giant freezers full of Ice Cream.

    Progressives are taking over the Dem Party and when they do and IF they remain in power, this will be the end of the USA. The nation will split since our cowardly SCOTUS refuses to side with the constitution anymore lest they by GAWD lose their status and have the court packed.

    So there is no recourse left but to have an amicable divorce. Not my idea…it is just where this is all leading.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Representative Ocasio-Cortez is correct: fossil fuels are NOT cheap, since the total cost is not represented in the market price.

    The potential end of the USA will not come from progressives but from anti-democratic, right-wing authoritarian, white nationalist forces.

  3. Unkle C says:

    The day when AOC uses no petroleum based products, travels by exclusively by horse or afoot, lives in a dwelling that doesn’t have any petroleum involved in construction or heating, and eats only food that hasn’t had petroleum involved in it’s production, distribution and preparation I may begin to consider the bull cookies she currently spouts.
    Until her epiphany, I shall simply consider her just another hypocrite.

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