CBS: Climate Crisis (scam) Strengthened The Taliban Or Something

Finally. I’ve been waiting over a week for the Cult of Climastrology to really link what’s going on in Afghanistan to ‘climate change’. Even most small players couldn’t find a way, and was mostly ignored by those on Twitter. We now have a winner!

From the unhinged doomsday cult screed

Rural Afghanistan has been rocked by climate change. The past three decades have brought floods and drought that have destroyed crops and left people hungry. And the Taliban — likely without knowing climate change was the cause — has taken advantage of that pain.

While agriculture is a source of income for more than 60% of Afghans, more than 80% of conflicts in the country are linked to natural resources, according to a joint study by the World Food Programme, the United Nations Environment Program and Afghanistan’s National Environmental Protection Agency. In 2019, Afghanistan ranked sixth in the world for countries most impacted by climate change, according to the Germanwatch Global Climate Risk Index.

Oh, good grief. In the Real World, it sure looks like the majority of conflicts revolve around religion, namely, Islam, and how some are extremists, particularly the Taliban and al Qaeda. Even if a slowly changing climate is involved, it’s primarily natural, without even that many components of land use and urban heat island effect.

Whether from drought or flood-ravaged soil, farmers in the region struggle to maintain productive crops and livestock. When they cannot profitably farm, they’re forced to borrow funds to survive. When Afghans can’t pay off lenders, the Taliban often steps in to sow government resentment.

“If you’ve lost your crop and land or the Afghan government hasn’t paid enough attention [to you] then of course, the Taliban can come and exploit it,” said Kamal Alam, a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center.

The Taliban needs no reason to step in other than being hardcore Islamist extremists. Seriously, this is just disrespectful to the women treated like garbage by the Taliban. If there were no problems with the climate (there are always challenges with climate. For goodness sakes, consider the climate of the region to start with) you’d still have the Taliban doing their extremist thing.

“With poverty and war and everything else, climate change is the last thing on anyone’s mind,” said Alam.

Because they aren’t 1st World hysterics, able to worry about a nebulous, mostly fictional issue because their great 1st World lives need to invent a Problem.

Climate change has fueled terrorism and civil unrest elsewhere in the world. Boko Haram gripped water-scarce central Africa in 2017 as they gained footholds along the Lake Chad Basin. ISIS has taken advantage of agrarian communities suffering from extreme drought in Iraq and Syria. Farajalla said arid or semi-arid areas in impoverished countries with low levels of education and poor infrastructure are all ripe for extremism.

Holy Sheeeeeit, these are the words of a cult. One which won’t blame the extremist wing of Islam, if you remember. It makes a nice distraction from blaming Biden and his people for completely screwing the pullout up, though, eh?

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One Response to “CBS: Climate Crisis (scam) Strengthened The Taliban Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Global warming is, well, global, so we should be prepared for changes including agricultural. Get used to it as there’s no reason to expect conditions to improve. Some nations and regions are inherently less stable than the West and further destabilization by climate change triggers more conflict. As always there are fundamentalist and extremist political groups poised to take advantage of this destabilization.

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