This Is A Do Or Die Decade For Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

If only you would purchase an electric vehicle so you can go get a nice plant based burger, we could solve this

This is the do-or-die decade for climate change, world scientists warn

climate cowTime’s up, according to the world’s scientists who have just issued their starkest warning yet with the release of a climate science report for the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The report released Monday is the first instalment of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), which will be finished in 2022. This installment, from Working Group 1, tackles the physical science basis of climate change. The report describes how little time is left to hit the brakes on warming and put the world on track to keep from breaching the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold above pre-industrial temperature that scientists calculate can still keep the climate relatively safe. At a minimum, it is essential that we slow warming fast enough to keep the 1.5-degree target within sight, even with limited overshoot.

Tipping points are notoriously hard to quantify, and hence frequently excluded from climate models. But the probability — the fat-tail risk — is increasing every day that we’ll pass critical tipping points in a matter of years to decades.

Tipping points are hard to quantify, but, they are easy to prognosticate

In this do-or-die moment, the biggest immediate opportunity is to cut methane emissions, which also happens to be the fastest and probably cheapest way to slow warming. The landmark Global Methane Assessment by the United Nations Environment Programme and Climate and Clean Air Coalition calculates that reducing methane emissions by 45 percent by 2030 will avoid almost 0.3 degrees Celsius of warming globally and 0.5 degrees of warming in the vulnerable Arctic by the 2040s — while simultaneously preventing 255,000 premature human deaths every year, along with 775,000 asthma-related hospital visits, 73 billion hours of lost labour from extreme heat, and 26 million tonnes of crop losses globally.

They finally got around to methane, which is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. Shorter atmospheric span than CO2, but, up to 25 times more of a greenhouse gas, but, it is not known for a doubling effect. Of course, two of the biggest creators are agriculture and landfills. Cities, states, and nations have worked hard to deal landfills, as well they should. I’ve noted methane as a driver of warming for a long time now, which is one reason I’ve always stated that Mankind does bear some responsibility for warming. Same with agriculture. What will Warmists do, kill all the meat animals? The Cult of Climastrology has mostly stayed away from it because people will laugh about cow farts.

This is the decade of action to bend not just the emissions curve, but more crucially the warming curve. Heat is the enemy we need to beat. World leaders are increasingly recognizing that this decade must achieve both immediate and drastic cuts to methane and other super climate pollutants, along with accelerated efforts to transition to clean energy and decarbonize our economies no later than 2050.

This happens every year, being told that we have 10 years to Save The Planet from a tiny increase in global temperatures. It’s inevitable to get these doomy proclamations. I’m just wondering, if we only have 10 years left, why do so few Warmists practice what they preach?

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3 Responses to “This Is A Do Or Die Decade For Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something”

  1. alanstorm says:

    This is the do-or-die decade for climate change, world scientists warn

    This time, they REALLY mean it!

  2. Yoshi says:

    That multiple of doom for methane is completely made up from whole cloth.

  3. est1950 says:

    The AGW NAZI’s are all about destroying the worlds economy and resetting the entire world to a hippie communal society in which there will be nirvana and the planet will survive as we eat bugs.

    That is until bugs start becoming EXTINCT.

    They have every intention of DESTROYING BIG BUSINESS AND BIG CORPORATIONS even those that pretend to BE THEIR FRIENDS….right now they are just using BEZOS and SOROS and friends. They are using Amazon, Walmart, Disney, Hollywood. They are using Zuckerberg, Dorsey and others for a means to an end and when that end is achieved.

    DIE SCUMBAGS!!!!! DIE!!! The AGW NAZI’s consider Coca Cola and Target and Walmart and Amazon and other big corps greasing up for the wokist AGW NAZI”S as VILE, EVIL entitites that they WILL DESTROY!

    BANK IT!

    Right now these corporations are infiltrated from top to bottom by College educated COMMUNISTS so they have little choice but to be idiots for the leftist cause.

    In the end. There will be no more Coca Cola, Target, Walmart, and quite literally name your corporations. You Dumb Corporate Fuks.

    EVERY PROFESSOR should be fired from Universities around the world and they should have a RATIONAL PASSPORT in order to teach….meaning they teach the facts and the science and not an AGENDA. Because right now the amount of professors who are on the dole to CHINA is mindboggling.

    Manchurian Candidates Times 100,000? Probably. And Now where is this more apparent than in the AGW science community.

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