Joe Hiden Admin Won’t Guarantee Safety Of Americans In Afghanistan

I’ve been around for 54 years, and I can’t remember seeing anything like this, where the President and his people, including the U.S. military, won’t guarantee they’ll protect U.S. citizens abroad

Every single Democrat media outlet would be leading with a furious editorial demanding that Trump resign, and, if not, that Congress impeach him. That it is unconscionable that the U.S. government will not provide protection and an exit from Afghanistan. Of course, had it been Trump in charge, this disaster would not be happening. Even if it was, he’d be threatening the Taliban to not touch a hair on the head of any American and sending in fighting units to help every American

No official US evacuation plan for Americans outside Kabul, report says

Where's Joe BidenThe U.S. has no plans to evacuate Americans in Afghanistan who are located outside Kabul, according to a report Tuesday.

Officials from various departments — including State and Defense — informed Senate staffers at a Tuesday morning briefing that they do not know of a way to get those Americans through Taliban checkpoints located outside Kabul, the location of the main airport, The Washington Post reported, citing two Senate aides.

The precise number of Americans outside Kabul was not immediately clear but up to 15,000 may still be in Afghanistan, the Post reported. The Taliban has been on the offensive across the country for weeks. At a news briefing later Tuesday, Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s national security adviser, told reporters that the Taliban expressed a willingness to provide “safe passage of civilians to the airport,” the report said.

The U.S. was going to hold the Taliban to that promise, he added.

Right, right, we can totally trust the Taliban. Sullivan tried to backtrack later in the day, certainly after they realized how bad that looked that the Biden admin was essentially abandoning American citizens. Too late. Because they aren’t even guaranteeing the safety of Americans in Kabul

The State Department on Tuesday told American citizens and others looking to get out of Afghanistan that they should “shelter in place” until they are given further instruction by the U.S. Embassy amid a fragile security situation in the Afghan capital.

Other than a Blame everyone else speech from Joe, he’s pretty much MIA. His schedule no longer has him heading to Delaware today, but, nothing about Afghanistan. He’s supposed to deliver remarks about COVID vaccination at 430. Who thinks he’ll take questions? Doubtful, unless the media complies and submits to sticking to COVID. Then he tapes with George Stephanopoulos. Will George interrogate Joe about Afghanistan? Will he ask about protecting Americans in the disaster that is Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal plan?

Oh, and you wanted the unhinged Barking Moonbat opinion, right? Let’s check out Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Biden asks Americans to act like grown-ups — but Republicans are too addicted to being brats

The most striking thing about President Joe Biden’s Tuesday speech about the sudden fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban was the underlying message to his Republican critics and their handmaidens in the Beltway press corp: Jesus Christ, start acting your age already.

If you want to discuss “handmaidens”, let’s note how quickly women in Afghanistan, including U.S. reporters, had to don burkas and hijabs to avoid being beaten. And how many are being taken by the Taliban as brides.

“I want to remind everyone how we got here, and what America’s interests are in Afghanistan,” Biden said before he went on to level with viewers about how he “came to understand firsthand what was and was not possible in Afghanistan.”

“Staying and fighting indefinitely in a conflict that is not in the national interest of the United States” is no longer acceptable, Biden made clear.

It was sober-minded, realistic and frank. It’s time now for the so-called adults to put away their G.I. Joes. Action movies are fun, but this is real life, and in real life, there are some problems that can’t be fixed by rallying around the flag and punching the bad guys. It is time, in other words, to grow up.

Right, right, grow up. It’s childish to think that the U.S. should keep it’s word and protect Americans in Afghanistan, along with all the Afghans who assisted the U.S. and all the women who will pretty much lose everything. We could solve this by punching the bad guys.

Joe’s managed to ruin things domestically, now things internationally. What’s next, piss off the space aliens?

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One Response to “Joe Hiden Admin Won’t Guarantee Safety Of Americans In Afghanistan”

  1. Kye says:

    When the demofascists destroy a nation under the very questionable leadership of “experts” (Elwoods word) like droolin’ Joe Junta they do a bang up job.

    “Chinese state-controlled media and Communist Party loyalists gloated on Sunday over America’s “humiliation” as the Taliban marched into the Afghan capital, Kabul, forcing U.S.-backed president Ashraf Ghani to flee the country while his government crumbled. China is now offering to fund post-war construction efforts in Afghanistan as part of its Belt and Road Initiative, a sweeping Communist Party infrastructure project that has helped the CCP gain a foothold in many countries across the globe.
    The catastrophe in Afghanistan provides China another opportunity to subvert U.S influence and power in critical regions such as the Middle East. While the Biden administration scrambles to secure the safety of Americans stationed in the country, China is exploiting the situation to send a warning to its regional enemies, primarily Taiwan. The CCP is also promoting Afghanistan as an example of American decline across the world: “The US lost. It was a no-brainer,” tweeted Chen Weihua, editor of the Communist-controlled China Daily, on Monday.

    “From what happened in Afghanistan, those in Taiwan should perceive that once a war breaks out in the Straits, the island’s defense will collapse in hours and U.S. military won’t come to help,” the Global Times, an official CCP mouthpiece, tweeted on Monday. “As a result, the [Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan] will quickly surrender.”

    As panicked American fukheads worry about how many masks a 6 year old should wear to jump rope the FOE (Friends of Elwood) are preparing to “re unite” Taiwan with Der Fatherland. More genocide in the name of utopia.

    The slobbering corrupt commie in DC has stated he left 10,000 Americans in Afghanistan unable to escape the murdering hoards of Elwood’s favorite religion. Of course since the senile idiot and his supporters are prolific pathological liars the number can be safely guesstimated at twice that just like the illegals pouring across our border is really 2 million not one.

    Why do leftists hate Americans so much?

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