Surprise: There Are Lots Of Problems With California’s Don’t Call It A COVID Passport System

Well, gee, who would have seen this coming?

California’s digital COVID-19 vaccination record has glitches. Here’s how to fix yours

When California officials unveiled a new system to provide digital COVID-19 vaccine records last week, they billed it as a convenience, an easy way for residents to demonstrate and verify their inoculation status.

But the offering has not been without hiccups. Already, the state has received nearly 70,000 troubleshooting forms submitted online by residents looking to correct or complete their information, according to the California Department of Public Health.

Though only a fraction of the 558,000 digital records that have successfully been created since the system went live Friday, the numbers demonstrate how even relatively uncommon issues can wind up inconveniencing tens of thousands of people. (snip)

Records are accessible through There, Californians are prompted to provide their name, date of birth and the email address or cellphone number they used when getting their vaccine. They will also need to create a four-digit personal identification number.

If the submitted information matches an official record, the resident will get an email or text with a link to access a digital copy of the inoculation record, as well as a QR code.

That sounds great, providing the State with your direct email and/or cellphone number, right? What could go wrong?

One snag that’s emerged is the requirement for an email address or phone number — which has to match what a person submitted when receiving her or his COVID-19 vaccine.

However, that information might be missing for some. Because the system pulls from records maintained within and accessible through the state’s immunization registry systems, it’s also conceivable someone’s record may be filed under an email address or phone number that’s either outdated or was used for a non-COVID-19 vaccine.

So, wait, the state has records for non-Bat Soup Virus vaccines?

The state’s website says that residents should include photos of their physical vaccine cards from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as a valid form of ID. However, as of Monday morning, there appeared to be no way to attach photos to the troubleshooting form before submitting.

Oh, good, the California public health department would now have your ID….wait, I thought ID to identify yourself was bad for Progressives? Anyhow, there’s no chance anything bad could happen with this, right? The records couldn’t get out, couldn’t be used improperly, right?

Heck, even the ACLU of North Carolina said back in March that there’s a lot that can go wrong, and they would prefer a paper system. One thing they mentioned is that it should not allow for tracking or the creation of new databases. California’s sure look like it’s going that way.


Hey, if I need my card or pictures of my card to get on a flight, fine. I’m not giving all sorts of information to Government which could misuse it.

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2 Responses to “Surprise: There Are Lots Of Problems With California’s Don’t Call It A COVID Passport System”

  1. est1950 says:

    Not surprising.

    The first results from a large efficacy study of a new kind of COVID-19 vaccine are now out, and they are good. Very good.

    According to Novavax, the vaccine’s manufacturer, it had a 100% efficacy against the original strain of the coronavirus and 93% efficacy against more worrisome variants that have subsequently appeared.

    Novavax is 93 percent effective against the variants including the delta.

    So what does the BIDEN FDA do?

    The FDA may require Novavax to go through the standard licensure process, which can take considerably longer than an EUA.

    I guess they will be approved about December of 2022. Right after the election as the left continues to cry wolf over variants so they can mail out another 50 million unsolicited ballots to win the house and senate as they continue to try and pass bills that are unconstitutional removing election processes from the states and putting it in the hands of the Federal government.

    A swell plan. Don’t care if the people are sick or not. We need us some more fraudulent votes ifn we are to win another election.

    • Zachriel says:

      est1950: The FDA may require Novavax to go through the standard licensure process, which can take considerably longer than an EUA.

      Novavax has had production problems and has delayed its request for FDA approval.

      Meanwhile, vaccine supply in the U.S. already outstrips supply. Novavax will probably be more important for the international market.

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