Hotcoldwetdry Idea: Replace Airplanes With Airships

This is apparently the new idea for air travel from the Cult of Climastrology. Yet, no big wig Warmists are stepping up to ditch their fossil fueled private jets to use them

The Future of Flying? Airships Could Cut Carbon Emissions by 90%

Love flying but feel guilty about the air pollution and carbon emissions that airplanes produce? Sometimes, simple solutions to big problems float right above our heads — literally.

A UK blimp company has developed a new environmentally friendly airship for commercial flights. If it replaces airplanes on short, inter-city routes, the updated technology will reduce carbon emissions from air travel by 90 percent.

A company statement from the airship’s developer, Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), quoted United Nations Secretary António Guterres’ warning: “The latest analysis shows that if we act now, we can reduce carbon emissions within 12 years and limit global warming to 1.5C. But if we continue along our current path, the consequences are impossible to predict.”

HAV created the new airships to “rethink the skies,” as the company motto goes. BBC estimated that the aviation industry is responsible for around 2.4 percent of global carbon emissions and around 5 percent of global warming. There is an element of climate justice involved as well, because only a small portion of the world flies frequently, and often, those populations are not the ones who will suffer the most from the climate crisis. HAV developed their latest prototype, the Airlander 10, to combat the environmental cost of air travel.

See, and it’s an “justice” issue too! Anyhow, they look to be meant for short regional hops, and

“We’ve got aircraft designed to travel very long distances going very short distances when there is actually a better solution,” Grundy told the news report. “How much longer will we expect to have the luxury of traveling these short distances with such a big carbon footprint?”

Total journey time in the hybrid-electric, 100-passenger airship should be “roughly the same” as airplane travel if time getting to and from airports is taken into account, The Guardian reported. What isn’t the same is the CO2 emissions per passenger on the airships when compared with a jet plane, the news report said.

Yeah, not buying it. Still have to get to the launch center and such. What will be great is lowlifes in Democrat run cities shooting at them, right?

Airlander also cites a “significant advantage” in not having to rely on airport infrastructure. The airships can take off and land from “any reasonably flat surface,” Grundy told CNN. “That includes water.”

But, you know Government will get involved and there will be specific routes and such. It’s an interesting idea, but, will it catch on? Will climate cult government force it to catch on? Meanwhile

Disney, Netflix and tech titans team up to fight the climate crisis

Some of the world’s largest companies are joining forces to accelerate efforts to fight the climate crisis.

Amazon, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Salesforce, Unilever and Workday launched an alliance Thursday to boost the scale and impact of business investment in climate solutions.

The unveiling of the Business Alliance for Scaling Climate Solutions comes as energy watchdogs warn that spending on clean energy remains well shy of what’s needed to get the world on a net zero pathway. Experts say the transition away from fossil fuels will require up to $3.8 trillion annually through 2050. (snip)

BASCS says it will focus on catalyzing investments in emissions reductions and making sure these investments have measurable impacts. Specifically, the group said carbon credits claimed by companies must represent “additional, real, quantifiable and verifiable emissions reductions or removals, and must not be double counted.”

Oh, so they’re not really going to do anything in their own businesses, just (supposedly) pay carbon credits, while virtue signaling to all who participate in their businesses. Will Disney and Netflix stop using fossil fuels to make their movies? Will Microsoft no longer allow computers with their software to be shipped by fossil fueled vehicles?

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5 Responses to “Hotcoldwetdry Idea: Replace Airplanes With Airships”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    As the article points out, these have multiple advantages and the company that markets them will gladly tell you that they use less carbon than other heavier than air vehicles. This is an old idea and there is probably a niche in the market place that is just right for them, besides the advertising tires at football stadiums. The US Army was looking at them about 20 years ago as an alternative for deploying land forces. I think we decided against it because of vulnerabilities. We kept several smaller observation versions.

  2. Dana says:

    What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Dana says:

    Yes, Mr Dowd, I know: the Hindenburg was filled with hydrogen, not helium.

    But the Hindenburg, for all of its vast size, and for the fact that hydrogen is a lighter gas than helium, carried only 36 passengers, though a full passenger complement was 70 passengers. This is simply not an efficient mode of transportation.

  4. Est1950 says:

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen of a political party is that the GOP continues to defend corporations that are stabbing them in the back repeatedly.

    The right needs to be on board with 40 percent tax rate. 20 percent minimum tax rate. 20 dollars per hour wages. All the things the left wants to penalize corporations for.

    Cut CEO wages to 8x’s that of the average worker. No golden parachutes. Move out of the country, don’t bother to sell the US anything. ETC.

    Perhaps when the guys running the company are suddenly making 15 bucks an hour and not being defended and protected by people they HATE….they will get the message.


    The right can go right on defending Corps that stick it to the right daily. Right now the left has all the power because the corps believe the STUPID, STUPID GOP will continue to defend them as they stroke BLM and rise to WOKE GREATNESS.

    FUK EM….should be the 2022 rallying cry of the Right. Then when corps return to sanity so can the GOP. Until then. The greatest failure of the right is stroking Corps because they have always stroked corps and don’t know how much power they are ceeding to stupid Corporations that hate them.

  5. Another Guy named Dan says:

    An amusing side note is that most commercial Helium production is a side product of drilling for natural gas. And that helium is already considered to be a strategic commodity in short supply. Where are they going to get enough to fill all of the airships that would be necessary to replace the jets?

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