ABC News: It’s Donald Trump’s Fault We Were Contrarian On Wuhan Lab Leak

The very definition of Trump Derangement Syndrome

ABC’s chief White House reporter: A lot of reporters have ‘egg on their face’ over Wuhan lab-leak theory

ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl admitted that many reporters were wrong to dismiss former President Trump’s assertion that the coronavirus originated from a laboratory.

Karl was asked on ABC’s “This Week,” by guest host Martha Raddatz on why it matters that the lab-leak theory was initially met with dismissal or skepticism.

“Yes, I think a lot of people have egg on their face. This was an idea that was first put forward by Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, Donald Trump, and look some things may be true even if Donald Trump said them,” Karl said. “Because Trump was saying so much else, that was just out of control, and because he was, you know, making a frankly racist appeal talking about kung-flu, and the China virus, he said flatly this came from that lab, and it was widely dismissed… but now serious people are saying it needs a serious inquiry.”

Karl’s comments echoed what other reporters have said. While many reporters have admitted to making a mistake by dismissing the lab-leak theory as conspiracy, some are placing blame at Trump as to why they didn’t believe the story at first. They assert that Trump and his administration were untruthful on other matters so they dismissed his lab-leak claims.

New York Times writer David Leonhardt said it was a “mistake” for liberals and reporters to dismiss claims just because they came from Trump and Republicans like Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

So, because Orange Man Bad they dropped all pretense of journalism.

(Fox News) Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin once again knocked the mainstream media for previously dismissing the theory that COVID-19 potentially originated from a Wuhan lab leak in China, tweeting on Saturday that journalists should “own up” when they “fail” their readers and encouraged them to “just report the facts.”

 “Most MSM [mainstream media] reporters didn’t ‘ignore’ the lab leak theory, they actively crapped all over it for over a year while pretending to be objective out of a toxic mix of confirmation bias, source bias (their scientist sources lied to them), group think, TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome] and general incompetence,” Rogin, who was one of the very few journalists who previously reported on China’s role in the pandemic and raised questions about the origins of the virus, tweeted on Saturday.

He went on to say that, “Also, the lab leak theory didn’t change. It didn’t suddenly become credible. It didn’t jump from crazy to reasonable. The theory has always been the same. The people who got it wrong changed their minds. They are writing about themselves, with zero self awareness.”

The number one thing was TDS: they had to say the opposite of what Trump and anyone in his admin said. And, you had all those who wanted to take China’s side, because they are owned by companies like Disney, which are beholden to China. Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that lab leaks occur here, in China, and all over all the time. And that “the last six known outbreaks of SARS-1 have been out of labs in China.” While most non-deranged people gave thought to COVID-19 coming from eating a bat or pangolin or something, the reality pointed towards coming from a lab pretty darned quick. The TDS infused media refused to even consider that.

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One Response to “ABC News: It’s Donald Trump’s Fault We Were Contrarian On Wuhan Lab Leak”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    So, because Orange Man Bad they dropped all pretense of journalism.

    Pretense was all it was anyway. CNN had been called the Clinton News Network in the 90s because it was so sycophantically reporting on President Clinton. CBS News used forged documents to try to swing the 2004 election away from the younger President Bush. Media coverage of President Obama was abjectly fawning.

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