China Joe Signs EO To Blame All Of America’s Financial Issues On Hotcoldwetdry

While Joe is killing our economy China is saying the Righthink things on ‘climate change’ and doing the opposite

Biden Wants To Measure How Climate Change Impacts America’s Finances

President Biden wants the government to measure the financial fallout of a changing climate on American families, businesses and the federal government.

On Thursday, Biden signed an executive order compelling key regulators including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other members of the Financial Stability Oversight Council to assess the risks that a changing climate poses to the U.S. financial system.

It also suggests the Council make recommendations within six months on steps to reduce those risks.

“Americans should be able to know the real risks that extreme weather and rising seas pose to the homes that they’ve invested in, or the small businesses that they’ve built up,” said National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy. “Knowing the risks is the first step to actually addressing them.”

The order also directs McCarthy as well as National Economic Council director Brian Deese to highlight the financial risks that climate change poses to the government itself, as well as the financing that would be required to transition to a carbon-free economy over the next three decades.

This is more of Biden attempting to Blame all the issues that occur to America’s financial wellbeing on the climate crisis (scam), rather than on the crummy economic policies Joe and his Comrades have enacted. It’s not just about turning all of the federal government into climate cult warriors, which will certainly mean those who do not have sufficient fervor will be booted.

“Our modern financial system was built on the assumption that the climate was stable,” said Deese. “Today it’s clear that we no longer live in such a world.”

It was? When has the climate ever been stable? Was it stable during the very hot 1930’s? Or during the cooling of the 50’s through the 70’s? I’ll forgo my normal stuff on this being about the cult controlling everything.

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