Surprise: Economy Would Have To Be Radically Changed To Meet China Joe’s Climate (scam) Goals

You will be forced to comply, so, kiss freedom goodbye

‘Eviscerating coal and natural gas’: Biden’s climate goal to require radical shifts in economy

President Biden’s goal of cutting greenhouse gases more than 50% by 2030 is not feasible without a rapid transformation of the U.S. economy that would hit electricity generation, transportation, agriculture and manufacturing particularly hard, experts say.

Mr. Biden, knowing the difficulty that lies ahead, has not presented a detailed plan of how his administration will hit the 2030 target. The White House has stressed only two avenues for combating climate change: a clean electricity standard and the phaseout of gasoline-powered cars.

Making changes to those two sectors of the economy is essential to combating climate change because they produce more than half of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Transportation accounts for nearly 29%, and electricity generation makes up 25% of emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Researchers at the University of Maryland estimated what it would take to reach Mr. Biden’s goal: The electricity sector would have to slash emissions 76% by 2030, and the transportation sector would have to reduce emissions by 40%.

But, China Joe wants 100% free by 2035. And Warmists mostly do not want nuclear energy, so, how do your replace all that electricity? It won’t happen with solar and wind.

“The only way the president can meet his emissions target is by eviscerating coal and natural gas,” said Steve Milloy, who was a member of Donald Trump’s presidential transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency. “For the administration to come even close to its electricity standard, it would need to close down at least 11 coal and natural gas plants per month between now and 2035.”

The footprints, land wise, for solar and wind are vastly bigger than for coal, natural gas, and nuclear. And are less efficient. And can only provide energy under certain conditions. Sounds great, eh?

The administration is working with congressional Democrats to ensure that its $2.25 trillion infrastructure package includes at least $174 billion for the transition to electric vehicles. At least $40 billion would be used to install 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country.

Which will benefit the upper middle class and rich folks who purchase EVs, but, really, few drive them long distances. They have fossil fueled vehicles for that. Charging stations won’t change that. They are very much toys. Lots of people have scooters, golf carts, and little cars who live at the beach. They’re for short trips around town.

Democrats are expected to target the agriculture sector because it relies on chemicals such as nitrogen, a major component of fertilizer, and produces methane gas from livestock emissions.

Which will vastly increase the cost of food. Hey, don’t complain, Biden voters, this is what you voted for. Suck it up, buttercup.

That’s China Joe in Louisiana, touting his green infrastructure plan. How’d he get there? Electric plane? Electric helicopter? Electric limo with 18 or so electric SUVs?

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3 Responses to “Surprise: Economy Would Have To Be Radically Changed To Meet China Joe’s Climate (scam) Goals”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach you have been predicting vastly I creasing/skyrocketing increases for 10 years !!!!
    You are like that guy in the cartoon who carrys that sign “Tge end is Near”
    Nationwide the cost of electricity has gone up 15% in 10 years
    And of course the important RATE of increase has been steady over that 10 year time frame even as dirty coal plants shut down

  2. Dana says:

    Thing is, to replace all of our automobiles with plug-in electrics, we will need to increase our electricity generation capacity by roughly 40%.

    The warmunists are basically all Star Trek fans, who think that power generation can be cheap, easy and completely pollution free. Maybe that’ll be the case in the 23rd century, but it isn’t the case today, or in the foreseeable future.

  3. Est1950 says:

    President Biden’s goal of cutting greenhouse gases more than 50% by 2030 is not feasible without a rapid transformation of the U.S. economy that would hit electricity generation, transportation, agriculture and manufacturing particularly hard, experts say.

    AN AGENDA DRIVEN BY COMMUNIST CHINA. China is behind the drive to turn the west into a snowflake, terrified culture who will start self cutting, become bolemic and anorexic in order to solve their mental problems.

    A self debasing society is bound for failure, just as a person with serious mental issues is doomed to a lifelong of torment and torture usually self inflicted.

    LISTED TO ME PEOPLE who might read these comments beyond the commenters here. AGW or Global Warming is an insideous plot by China to destroy the wests ability to have wealth, power and strength to stand against Chinas desire to dominate and RULE THE WORLD.

    Rethink the Bullshit your child is being taught in school. It is a GREAT LIE, brought to you by CHINA.

    Really you say?

    U.S.Published March 18
    Chinese propaganda program in US schools quietly changes headquarters name to avoid scrutiny
    The move comes as institutes are cited as serving as Communist China’s propaganda tools

    The Chinese government is now recognizing the headquarters of its Confucius Institutes — international educational partnerships that aim to promote a Chinese agenda — under a new name.

    It’s led by the Hanban, an arm of China’s education ministry, that says Confucius Institutes “aim to protect Chinese language and culture in foreign countries.”

    They even changed their name back in June of 2020.

    China’s Belt and Road initiative has colonized AFRICA and many other nations. IRAN is a new sattelite of CHINA as it seeks to destroy the west of its norms through the funding of Terrorism now backed by CHINESE MONEY.

    CHINA is builing over 300 coal fired power plants even as they lie to you and say they will cut their global Carbon footprint. All the COMMUNISTS do is lie and this is not a knock on the Chinese people….THEY too are prisoners of their own communist dictators.

    AGW is one facet which the Communist Chinese use to teach your children in both High School and College that the west is evil, their culture sucks and that China is your big rich brother who is here to save the world. That is a lie.

    And Joe Biden wants us all to Rally around a single message. YOU ARE A FUKING RACIST. Another lie being spread by China daily. You are a racist and you need to be punished. You need to self cut yourself, become anorexic and Bolemic. You have mental health issues that demand you commit cultural suicide.

    Joe Biden AGREES. The Democratic party agrees. Get the fuk back on the Plantations BLACK PEOPLE and STFU. Here we will give you just a bit more money so you can sit around in your high rises in hopelessness hoping the Democrats dont forget you and they WILL UNLESS YOU VOTE FOR THEM ONE MORE TIME TO END YOUR POVERTY.

    They wont. Why you do nothing, they are taking what little you have and giving it to China. Congrats for being the true definition of SHEEPLE.

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