Surprise: Climate Envoy John Kerry Earned Millions On Fossil Fuels

I guess he talked to Al Gore, who sold his television network to al Jazeera, which is funded by fossil fuels

REVEALED: John Kerry sold his shares in OIL firms on becoming Biden’s climate czar to ‘avoid conflict of interest’ – and after warning we only have nine YEARS to save the world from climate change

John Kerry climateJohn Kerry sold off hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shares in oil and gas firms after he was made Joe Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate – and weeks after warning that mankind has just nine years to save the planet.

Kerry revealed in official disclosures that he has received millions of dollars from salary, consulting fees and from liquidating stock that he held since President Biden took office.

Documents that cover most of 2020 which run up to January 2021 reveal how Kerry, 77, also held hundreds of thousands of dollars of investments in energy-related companies that could well be affected by policies that he will help develop as Joe Biden’s new climate envoy.

But he was warned by the State Department’s ethics office that the investments were a ‘significant risk of a conflict of interest’ – and agreed to sell them.

Kerry held between $204,000 and $960,000 stock in around three dozen firms connected to the energy sector, including electric, oil and gas, and nuclear energy.

He has also previously held high-ranking positions within firms and entities that could now by affected by his climate policies. The details were all contained in documents obtained by Axios.

See, it’s OK for Kerry to make oodles off of fossil fuels, but, you have to be forced to give them up.

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22 Responses to “Surprise: Climate Envoy John Kerry Earned Millions On Fossil Fuels”

  1. Jl says:

    Green hypocrites? Say it isn’t so…

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    So Teach is now upset that Mr Kerry unloaded HIS conflicts of interest, yet not a word concerning the graft of the former administration. Excuse us if we don’t take you seriously. Conservative hypocrites? Say it ain’t so…

    The story didn’t say that Mr Kerry earned millions from fossil fuels. Did Teach make that up?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Actually it does but Rimjob sees only what he wants to see.

      Learn to read.
      Comprehension, dipshit, comprehension.

      Bwaha! Lolgfy

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Teach is the dipshit for lying to inbreds such as you.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          So Rimjob admits he didn’t actually read the article.
          Thanks again, dipshit.
          Bwaha! Lolgf

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            It appear that neither of the dipshits in arms, drownedpuppy and Bill Teach, read the article. Some of us did. Please point out where Mr Kerry “earned millions on fossil fuels”.

            But even if he did, so what?

    • Bill589 says:

      Hypocrite Elwood P. Dowd comes here displaying his Masters’ fear of the Truth.
      Elwood – Why not do your own research?
      We truth lovers on the Right win in the end, no doubt.
      If we haven’t won yet, it must not be the end.

  3. john says:

    Puppy killer DOES seem to be fixated on one particular part of the human body, the anus
    I read the axios article I dont recall the mentio. Of one fossil fuel company
    Most of the large oil companies like BP and Shell are already starting their transition away from fossil fuel
    Fossil fuel companies ate NOT a good investment
    Shell is down more than 20% in 5 years
    Only an idiot would be investing in large fossil fuel companies today

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Don’t be hard on the puppy killer because of his sexual predilections. It’s common if not necessary for conservatives to hide their true selves from their brethren.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        For Rimjob and Johnnie retard:

        John Kerry discloses millions in income from finance, energy firms

        Read that slowly.
        Dipshits both.
        Bwaha! Lolgf

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Sorry dipshit puppy killer, that is not in the Daily Mail article. But nice try.

          You and Teach are both such dipshits.

          It is in the title of the Axios article. The energy firms included nuclear power, electric companies and renewables, as well. He made $5 million from Bank of America.

          Lumping $5 million from BOA and less than that from “energy” firms is like when Hot Rod Hundley said that he and Elgin Baylor combined for 73 points one night at Madison Square Garden (Baylor had 71). Bank of America had 71.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            So now dipshit Rimjob uses some really convoluted “logic” to “explain” what he wrongly claimed.

            Bwaha! Lolgf

    • Kye says:

      If you own a Mutual Fund you are probably invested in an Oil company. And if oil companies are “transitioning” away from fossil fuels why would they be a bad investment? Or are they just bad people either way?

  4. Jl says:

    “Only an idiot would be investing in large fossil fuel companies today.” So in other words, John Kerry has been an idiot all these years. Thanks for the morning laugh, John

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      And an incredibly wealthy idiot at that. Why was BOA paying him $5 million a year, which may be the minimum wage for ex-politicos. Good gig if you can get it.

      • Kye says:

        His wife made him “incredibly wealthy”. Just another lying billionaire demofascist. All for he and none for we. As usual the biggest, richest scum turns out to be a leftist. How does that keep happening? How come it’s the “incredibly wealthy” leftists, Democrats, progressives, socialists, fascists and communists who always complain about “white supremacy”, income inequality, climate change and all that other bullshit they do themselves? Seems the Red commenter has no problem with “incredibly wealthy” leftists though. Typical.

        BTW, he gets (not “makes”) $5 million a year from BOA because he helps them pull off their corruption just like Hunter or your chairman Xiden and the rest of the rich leftists do when they leave “public service”. I’m surprised he’s not pulling down twice that on CNN spreading propaganda for useful idiots like you. It’s part of their White Privilege.

        It is a good gig and as a newly minted leftist I’m doing my part to feed from the trough. I got my first rent check last Friday even before “refugee” one arrived. Still have no “refugees” in the house. I’ll be notified. Meanwhile our contract began 5/1 so I’m now being paid for providing housing for no one. Talk about the government loosing money selling weed!!!!

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          The Final Solution Commenter (AKA The Grifter Commenter), now opposes capitalism! Doesn’t Kerry have the right to work a deal with BOA for whatever he can get?

      • Jl says:

        J-you forgot it would actually be an incredibly wealthy hypocritical idiot.

  5. Est1950 says:

    As we see. Elwood is now defending the Left for supporting BIG CORPORATIONS including Financial institutions and Energy Companies.

    I said this would transpire as the left now finds themselves in the bizarre position of defending Trillion dollar companies who punish anyone who is not WOKE WALKING ZOMBIES and teaching CRITICAL RACE THEORY at lunchtime.

    Face it Elwood its going to be a long transition as you defend big business and corporations even as you have Defended BIG PHARMA for the last year simply because the right is rebelling against these giant corporations making trillions off of a vaccine.

    • Est1950 says:

      The rights DARLING:

      Bill Gates sez????

      Bill Gates says no to sharing vaccine formulas with global poor to end pandemic
      Health advocates blast Microsoft billionaire for saying patent protections on life-saving vaccines must remain in the hands of the developing Pharma.

      Billionaire Bill Gates Says “No” to Sharing Vaccine Recipes With Poor Countries ETC. Ad Nauseum.

      Bill the shrill Gates who stole MSDOS from an individual who developed it and WINDOWS from APPLE now is heavily invested in Big Pharma and is against helping the poor develop vaccines against the KUNG FU VIRUS….tells us he really is terrified of the virus doesnt it?

      As for the ability??


      Bill Gates said he doesn’t think the recipe for the vaccine should be shared. Drug makers are eager to retrofit their facilities and get to work.

      Meanwhile their are over 100 countries that have yet to vacinate a single individual when we could be manufacturing another 500 million doses per month if they just shared.

      Sure tells me the COVID-19 is nothing more than a flu with a kick.

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