France, Meaning The Elites, Vows To Change Everything To Solve Climate Emergency (scam)

And those same elites won’t change their own lives, you know that. Oh, they’ll throw a few bucks out to purchase carbon offsets, but, they aren’t giving up their own fossil fueled travel, and the massive rise in prices doesn’t hurt them much

France vows to change its ‘way of life’ in climate struggle

Countries that signed the 2015 Paris climate accord must do more than cut carbon dioxide emissions and develop new technologies to combat global warming — and accept the need to change their way of life, France’s environment minister has said.

Speaking in an interview, Barbara Pompili [she’s a French politician, Minister of the Ecological Transition under Prime Minister Jean Castex since 2020], currently serving acknowledged the importance of technological solutions such as the rollout of hydrogen power in Europe, the US and Asia. But she also highlighted that the wide-ranging bill making its way through the French parliament would “mean profound changes in the lives of our fellow citizens”.

It was “great” for the Americans and others to rely on new technologies such as hydrogen. “But I think we have an extra ingredient in France and Europe. We’re taking these new technologies but we’re going further because we’re also looking at our ways of life,” she told the Financial Times. “We’re really talking about a change of model.”

The legislation includes restrictions on domestic flights, requirements for “climate labelling” of products such as clothing to show their impact on global warming, stricter regulations to enforce insulation of buildings and measures to reduce the carbon output of farming while ensuring sustainability and promoting vegetarian meal choices. (snip)

Pompili acknowledged the difficulties that could result from green policies, but said the climate legislation, which should be enacted by the end of the summer, showed how France could find a balance between saving the planet and preserving the economy and standards of living.

Yeah, right. The French people are going to find out the hard way, and should make the protests over the planned government increases in fossil fuels prices look tiny.

They include a ban on flights for journeys that can be made by train in less than two-and-a-half hours, as well as the creation of a new offence of “ecocide” for those accused of damaging the environment.

Have fun, French people. Maybe this will be a good learning experience for other countries as to the authoritarianism of the climate cult.

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4 Responses to “France, Meaning The Elites, Vows To Change Everything To Solve Climate Emergency (scam)”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach seems a bit worried that people will begin to choose carbon offsets
    More bad news for Teach: Switzerland has also agreed to the same plan
    Everybody if course already knows how radical THAT country is !

    • Est1950 says:

      Hairy once again fails to get it. The yellow vest movement swarmed the EU and made its way to Canada.

      The reasoning? The elites decided to raise the price of PETROL in order to curtail Co2 emissions which of course hurt everyone in the Country EXCEPT THOSE IN THE BIG CITIES.

      Once again it is the Elites vs the rest of us. Just as in the USA it is people like Hairy living in a big city who believes that the rest of the country should be penalized because of the smog created in PHILLY or NYC.

      I am all for raising the taxes through the roof in areas where people don’t have to farm YOUR FOOD which is what happened in FRANCE and will continue to happen even as today the Yellow Vests are protesting and it is why Marie Le Pen is surging in the polls in France and will most likely defeat Macron in 2022.

      The Terrorist Organization known as AGW Nazi’s would do well to comprehend a few basic facts. You need fossil fuels to farm, ranch and get said food to market. If you quadruple the prices of fuel you drastically hinder that ability.

      But of course people in the big cities don’t understand that. They just dial up Amazon and it gets delivered to them….so there are no shortages.

    • Jl says:

      Yes, John, Switzerland is so radical that hey even have voter ID laws. You’ll no doubt go along with that, too, correct?

  2. Hairy says:

    You always seem to be on the edge of hysteria
    You expect fuel prices to quadruple? What planet do you live on ? Certainly fossil fuels are critical at the present time
    Those lefty commies over st John Deere are expecting to go electric in 10 years
    March 12,2020
    JohnDeere: We believe in electric tractors 100%
    Rural depopulation is a big problem for farming,people keep moving to the city. Should we passlsws to stop that ?

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