Columbus, Ohio Mayor Ask For Federal Probe Of City Police, Soon To Wonder Why Crime Has Spike Amid Cops Leaving

The mayor will be shocked when the unintended consequences fairy visits his city

Columbus mayor requests federal probe of police force

unintended consequencesWhile Ohio’s capital city has made significant progress enacting changes to its police department, the city needs additional help because of “fierce opposition” to reform within the agency, city leaders said Wednesday as they requested a Justice Department investigation following a series of police killings of Black people and other controversies.

The request by Mayor Andrew Ginther and City Attorney Zach Klein — both Democrats — capped several painful months for the city, culminating most recently with the April 20 fatal shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant as she swung a knife at a woman. Bryant was Black and the rookie officer who shot her was white.

Criticism has included not just fatal police shootings but also the department’s reaction to last summer’s protests over racial injustice and police brutality following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. A report commissioned by city council and released earlier this week criticized both the police department and city leaders, saying Columbus was unprepared for the size and energy of the protests.

I’m guessing it doesn’t matter that the girl Ma’Khia was attacking with a knife, intent to do serious bodily harm, was black, eh? Or that Ma’Khia was attacking another human being with a knife, intent on doing serious bodily harm, and that the law is on the side of the cops, as even some left wingers have noted. As for the protests, who was prepared for the size and energy (which means violence, arson, assault, looting, etc)? And why would that matter? And why would it be necessary to ask Los Federales to investigate, rather than, say, the state of Ohio?

“This is not about one particular officer, policy, or incident; rather, this is about reforming the entire institution of policing in Columbus,” Ginther and Klein said in Wednesday’s letter. “Simply put: We need to change the culture of the Columbus Division of Police.”

Oh, it’ll change: like so many Democratic Party run cities it will soon become more and more violent as police avoid getting involved in crime intervention, in looking to stop crime before it happens, in slow walking everything, and leaving the force for greener Reder pastures, with the city unable to find many to replace them.

The request by Columbus leaders came the same day that the attorney representing the family of Bryant requested a federal investigation into her death and the state’s foster care system.

The Blame Everyone Else strategy. Why was she in foster care in the first place? I’ll take this with a grain of salt, as it’s the only article really on her parents (but, then, the Credentialed Media has no interest in asking questions that interfere with a Narrative), but, they weren’t exactly good people, and there’s a reason Ma’Khia was in foster care, right?

Meanwhile, like so many Democratic run cities

More than 200 Seattle police officers quit over the last year, many citing anti-police climate

More than 200 Seattle police officers quit their jobs in the last year amid months of frequent anti-law enforcement, racial injustice protests and riots in the city.

Many of the officers cited an anti-police climate in the city – including in the City Council — and disagreements with police management in their reasons for moving on, leaving the department with what Police Chief Adrian Diaz called a “staffing crisis” on Tuesday.

He said 180 police officers quit last year and another 66 officers so far this year.

Some of the officers retired early while others took policing jobs in other cities or moved on to other careers, the officers said in exit interviews, according to KING-TV in Seattle.

He said the department is hiring more community service and crime prevention officers to handle non-criminal calls but said that doesn’t make up for a lack of front-line officers.

So, hiring lots of left-wing lunatics pushing SJW and stuff, but, the actual police officers who deal with criminals? Nope. And you know the officers left are staying away from anything that could put them in a bad position simply due to the color of the criminal’s skin color, being demeaned for doing the actual job, and so forth. This is what Columbus will soon look like. Seattle used to be a pretty decent place. It has jumped to be a 4 on the Neighborhood Scout crime rate scale. The lower the number the worse the crime. Columbus is the US’s 14th largest city, and is sitting at an 8. It should probably be up to a 4 for the 2022 review.

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3 Responses to “Columbus, Ohio Mayor Ask For Federal Probe Of City Police, Soon To Wonder Why Crime Has Spike Amid Cops Leaving”

  1. Dana says:

    I’ve pointed this out before: Columbus, Ohio, saw 175 murders in 2020, and, as of mid October, 75% of the victims were black:

    Columbus Police also shared details on the homicide suspects. Of the 79 identified, 65 are Black with 59 being Black men, and nine are white with eight being white men.

    Of the cases police say were solved, 56 had a Black victim and a Black suspect, two had a Black victim and a white suspect, seven had a white victim and a Black suspect and six had a white victim and a white suspect.

    I couldn’t find more recent numbers, but in 2010, the population of Columbus was 28.0% black. Shouldn’t Mayor Andrew Ginther be asking why a city that’s 28% black is seeing 75% of murder victims being black, and that 96.6% of the solved murders of black people were committed by other black people?

    I know, I know, it’s raaaaacist to ask that question! But if you can’t ask the question, you can’t ever expect to get the answer.

    Ma’khia Bryant’s black life mattered, because she was shot by a white policeman. But most of the murders in Columbus don’t matter, because they were black victims of black killers, and it’s racist, unconscionable and just plain rude to point out that fact.

    Another two souls were sent untimely to their eternal rewards in the City of Brotherly Love yesterday, but The Philadelphia Inquirer never mentioned it. That’s 1.398 murders per day in Philly, leaving the city on track for 510 homicides, which would be a new record, for 2021.

  2. Kye says:

    “That’s 1.398 murders per day in Philly, leaving the city on track for 510 homicides, which would be a new record, for 2021.”

    And we haven’t even started Riot Season yet! Wait till the weather heats up and the ferals are running around 24/7 setting George Floyd fires, raping and murdering in memory of George Floyd and looting in the name of George Floyd. Then we’ll see some black bodies pile up.

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