Your Fault: Earth’s Axis Shifted Due To Climate Apocalypse

Thanks, dudes and dudettes. You just had to take that fossil fueled trip to get an evil juicy burger, didn’t you? This has obviously never happened before

Earth’s Axis Has Been Shifted by Climate Change, Study Says

Climate change has contributed to the shifting of Earth’s axis of rotation, according to new research.

Earth’s geographic north and south poles—where the planet’s axis of rotation intersects with its surface—are not fixed. Changes in where the Earth’s mass is distributed can cause the axis, and the poles, to move.

Melting glaciers caused a significant amount of water to shift, which scientists have now said helped the locations of the poles accelerate eastward.

It is estimated that since 1980, the poles’ positions have moved about 4 meters (13 feet).

Melting glaciers accounted for most of the shift observed since the 1990s, the peer-reviewed study published in Geophysical Research Letters (the American Geophysical Union’s journal) said.

Wait, what was that part about “estimated”? They’re trotting out a scientific, peer reviewed study that is based on an estimation, not hard data? Now, of course it could have moved and linked to climatic changes, which have been going on for billions of years. However, we know they are wanting to blame this mostly/solely on Mankind. Do they have data on how much the poles moved during the previous cool and warm periods during the Holocene for comparison? No? Then how do they know this is unusual?

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7 Responses to “Your Fault: Earth’s Axis Shifted Due To Climate Apocalypse”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Newsweek is as bad as The Pirates Cove when it comes to headline writing.

    The actual paper is

    The title: Polar Drift in the 1990s Explained by Terrestrial Water Storage Changes

    The Earth’s pole, the point where the Earth’s rotational axis intersects its crust in the Northern Hemisphere, drifted in a new eastward direction in the 1990s, as observed by space geodetic observations. Generally, polar motion is caused by changes in the hydrosphere, atmosphere, oceans, or solid Earth. However, short‐term observational records of key information in the hydrosphere (i.e., changes in terrestrial water storage) limit a better understanding of new polar drift in the 1990s. This study introduces a novel approach to quantify the contribution from changes in terrestrial water storage by comparing its drift path under two different scenarios. One scenario assumes that the terrestrial water storage change throughout the entire study period (1981–2020) is similar to that observed recently (2002–2020). The second scenario assumes that it changed from observed glacier ice melting. Only the latter scenario, along with the atmosphere, oceans, and solid Earth, agrees with the polar motion during the period of 1981–2020. The accelerated terrestrial water storage decline resulting from glacial ice melting is thus the main driver of the rapid polar drift toward the east after the 1990s. This new finding indicates that a close relationship existed between polar motion and climate change in the past.

    The authors didn’t blame Teach or anyone else for eating juicy burgers.

    • david7134 says:

      Glad to see you are losing the CO2 religion that has consumed you.

    • Est1950 says:

      The earth wobbles.

      Here is another example of someone writing a gobbly da gook science paper to scare the bejesus out of people. The AGW Terrorist organization is already terrified. Why do they keep writing such BS papers?

      The earth wobbles. It always has. It is one of the main reasons that we have had four major Ice ages in the last billion years.

      What does Earth wobble do?
      This “annual wobble” is due to the Earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun. Between these two effects, the Earth’s axis migrates irregularly along a circular path with a radius of up to 20 feet (6 meters). Pinning down the overall wobble of the planet’s rotation is key to keeping certain tracking systems accurate.

      OH THE HUMANITY the earth has wobbled two meters when it normally wobbles up to 6 meters. Were all going to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Calm down. We all are going to die anyway, as you well know.

        The highly predictable 6 meter movement of the poles during our annual circling of the Sun differs from the changes due to redistribution of water on Earth. There’s no debate that glacier and ice sheet leads to the redistribution of liquid water.

        The scientific article did not claim we were all going to die or that the redistribution was necessarily harmful, only that it was happening and had its own effects on the Earth’s axis.

  2. Hairy says:

    The ‘water storage” refers to the water frozen locked up in ice
    There is less ice each year on our planet as it warms

    David why do you think the planet is warming and do you think it will continue warming ?

  3. Joseph T Major says:

    At this rate, they’ll be reviving Velikovsky soon. Worlds in Collision! Ages in Chaos! Interplanetary pool balls caroming off each other! Hydrocarbons are carbohydrates!

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