You Know What’s Super Scary? Cherry Blossom Trees Blooming A Bit Earlier From Climate Apocalypse

You know it’s a doomsday cult when they can find the most mundane thing and turn it into a sign of the apocalypse. There’s nothing unusual about trees blooming a bit early during a low level Holocene warm period. It’s happened many times before and will happen again. But, this is your fault this time, and we should all be super scared and give up our money, freedom, and choice to government

Early bloom of cherry blossoms in Washington DC point to climate crisis
Unusually warm weather accelerated the bloom cycle of the mall’s 3,800 cherry trees, causing them to pop days ahead of schedule

Spring has sprung in America’s capital, bringing with it a resplendent bloom of white and pink cherry blossoms that is one of the city’s grandest annual traditions.

But this year, as Washington DC’s residents embrace a relative return to normal after a tumultuous year marked by the coronavirus and civil unrest, the earlier-than-anticipated bloom may point to yet another looming crisis: climate change.

Unusually warm weather in Washington accelerated the bloom cycle of the National Mall’s 3,800 cherry trees, causing the blossoms to pop days ahead of schedule in what experts say is a new normal that will make their arrival increasingly difficult to predict.

“Empirical data shows the peak bloom date for the cherry trees is occurring earlier than it did in the past,” said Mike Litterst, a spokesman for the National Park Service.

Washington’s cherry trees now reach peak bloom about six days sooner than they did 100 years ago. At the same time, weather station measurements in the US capital show the temperature has increased by 1.6C (2.88F).

This is what they’re freaking out about: 6 days earlier from 100 years ago, in a city that looks quite a bit different that it did in 1920

You can find plenty of photos like that. There are quite a few more buildings, lots more traffic, lots more people, lots more air conditioners and heating, all contributing to an increase in temperature from land use/Urban Heat Island effect. See The Eclipse up in the top right, in what is known as President’s Park? There were four baseball diamonds there in 1920. Not now. Things change. And if DC is 2.88F above what it was in 1920, that’s well above the actual global increase, which is 1.5F since 1850, hence, it is artificial and localized.

Anyone freaking over a 6 day earlier blossoming should be deprogrammed from their cult.

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15 Responses to “You Know What’s Super Scary? Cherry Blossom Trees Blooming A Bit Earlier From Climate Apocalypse”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach ste youbtrying to suggest that ONLY urban areas are showing a 1.6C rise in temps ? Because of course that is false
    So winter weather has been shortened by “only” 6 days out of 90
    Only 1.6C ? But teach remember that small average temps can cause BIG changes
    Furring the Ice Age it was “only” 4/6C colder

  2. Kye says:

    Stuff started blooming early around my place too. Even my wife’s cherry tree is starting. I live in a virtual jungle plus the Korean loves to plant all kinds of veggies. I blame it all on Trump.

  3. Michael W. Moses says:

    Whats even scarier is the total lapse in proof reading on news articles these days! The area referred to in the above image is the “Ellipse” not the “Eclipse” as the article states….but what are mistakes in journalism these days!

    • Kye says:

      “…..but what are mistakes in journalism these days!”

      What we call mistakes they call “endorsements”. Besides, under leftist psycho rules the Ellipse now identifies as an eclipse. The Ellipse is now “Woke”!

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      It appears it was “journalist” Teach who called the Ellipse, the Eclipse. Did you really intend to call out Teach for his obvious ignorance?

      The average global surface temperature is an average – it’s in the name!! Some areas will be warmer than that, some areas cooler.

      Additional, “journalist” Teach ascribes panic to the recognition that trees are blooming earlier, which is a sign, or a result, of global warming. It’s a bit comforting that members of the COD (Cult of Deniers) acknowledge not only the warming Earth but also the observations that accompany the warming.

      What does it mean to our species if most plants growing seasons and distribution change? And there’s no scientific reason to expect the warming to stop soon.

  4. david7134 says:

    Stuff may have bloomed at my home in Louisiana except that it was zero degrees a few weeks ago and 4 inches of snow stayed on the ground for about one week. So much for global warming. That is clearly a hoax.

  5. Jl says:

    “Trees blooming about 6 days earlier than they did 100 years ago…”. So why pick a 100 year time frame? Also, notice what they don’t say. Is this the first year in a hundred years that they’ve bloomed 6 days early? That of course would be irrelevant. Have they been blooming 6 days early for the whole hundred years? Actually, they could be blooming later than they have for, say, the last 20 years but still earlier than it was 100 year ago. None of this is made clear in the article, conveniently. More junk science….

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