Washington Post Demands Congress Go Big On Climate (scam) Or Something

It’s very easy for the editorial board to make this demand, since they don’t see it directly affecting their operations

This Congress must go big on climate change

THERE HAVE been many moments when it seemed as though the United States would tackle climate change, only for hopes to be dashed. Now, it has another chance. President Biden promised to put global warming at the top of his agenda, and congressional Democrats, for now clinging to narrow majorities, are beginning to offer plans.

The danger is imminent. The world cannot afford another round of nice-sounding proposals followed by inaction. Congress must go big on climate change.

One plan, the sprawling Clean Future Act, released earlier this month by the leaders of several House committees, would have the country reach net-zero greenhouse emissions by mid-century, starting with massive decarbonization of the electricity sector over the next decade. The bill would require utilities to derive increasing amounts of their electricity from clean sources, which include renewables, nuclear power and, for a limited time and at a discounted rate, natural-gas-fired power plants. The bill would invest in electric car infrastructure, compensate coal country for lost jobs and ask states to develop emissions-cutting plans that would address any areas federal programs failed to cover.

Let’s start by requiring all federally elected lawmakers who vote for this to forgo the use of fossil fueled travel. And having to live in tiny homes/apartments when in D.C.

But market-based incentives should be part of any climate legislation, for reasons of policy and politics alike. Democrats need more than their side to get a comprehensive bill. They need 10 Republican votes to reach 60 in the Senate. The only other option is using reconciliation, a parliamentary maneuver that allows budget-related bills to pass the Senate by a simple majority. But climate mandates would not qualify for reconciliation. Using reconciliation, Democrats could enact massive federal subsidies but not climate regulations. They also could impose carbon taxes, or a mix of carbon taxes and spending.

By “market based”, they mean government requirements. So, socialism, not capitalism. How about slapping a carbon tax on news operations, like the Washington Post? It would be fun to watch them scream bloody murder, eh?

In a functional Congress, this situation would produce a deal: Mr. Romney and other GOP senators would offer a carbon tax; Democrats would insist that some of its revenue go to underserved communities and renewable energy research; the nation would get a climate plan. Mr. Romney should try. Democrats should listen. If it does not work, Democrats must find another path. One way or another, this Senate must approve a strong climate policy.

I have an idea: if you Believe, practice what you preach. Easy peasey. Slap some solar panels up on the Washington Post building. Only use non-fossil fueled travel to gather and deliver the news. Voluntarily send taxes to the IRS. Go for it. No one is stopping you.

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    The danger is imminent.

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