Climate Cult Still Wants To Take Advantage Of COVID19 Misery To Push Their “Solutions”

Nothing says “we care, we really do!” like taking advantage of people’s misery, fear, sickness, and death

COVID-19 recovery is an opportunity to tackle worsening climate crisis: New report

We are at a moment of overlapping planetary health emergencies: COVID-19 and climate change. Both have their origins at the intersection of humanity and the rest of the natural world, both exacerbate pre-existing health inequities and both have the ability to bring health systems and economies to their knees.

The health impacts of COVID-19 are well-known — those of climate change less so. A new report by the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change, an international collaboration among 38 leading academic institutions and U.N. agencies, shows that as the globe warms humans are experiencing increasing heat emergencies, wildfires, severe weather, trouble with food yields and potential for novel infectious diseases.

Watts Up With That? beats up on the horrendous report, and, let’s not forget that The Lancet went for a hard left turn back during the Iraq War, publishing an easily debunked statistical study in 2006 claiming there were over 655,000 Iraqi deaths since the start of the war, a really big shoddy piece of “science” which was nevertheless broadcast by the Credentialed Media as Holy Writ.

We need to “multisolve” — manage COVID-19 and climate change at the same time, looking for the sweet spots where a single measure can deliver the triple-win of improving public health, contributing to a sustainable economy and reducing the drivers of future crises.

I wonder how they intend to do this? They nip around the edges, but, never really answer

With climate set to drive further health-related emergencies as well as economic crises a shift from a culture of efficiency to one of resiliency is required. We could decrease our healthcare-related footprint and reduce the risk of supply disruption by switching to reusable medical supplies such as gowns and blood pressure cuffs.

You getting healthcare is also bad for the climate (another crappy Lancent study). It would be so much easier if billions of you would just die, right?

The proposed national formulary, a good first step towards a pharmacare system, can also serve as a list of essential medicines considered for domestic production. Co-ordinated work between the public and the private sector, potentially including the creation of new crown corporations, could help ensure supply of critical items, as it did during the Second World War.

Hmm, so, government in charge, eh? Wouldn’t you feel great if government was in charge of your medicines? And I bet you feel great about using a global pandemic to push a cult, right?

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4 Responses to “Climate Cult Still Wants To Take Advantage Of COVID19 Misery To Push Their “Solutions””

  1. Est1950 says:


    The Great Reset is an initiative launched earlier this year by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to help inform decisions around global recovery amid the COVID-19 crisis.

    According to the WEF website, the initiative will tackle the areas of “global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons.”

    Speaking generally about a need for a reset in global cooperation, Daniel Trefler, a Canadian economist and professor at U of T with no connection to WEF, said he is a big proponent.

    Using the U.S. as an example, Trefler said unilateralism with regards to trade has lowered GDP, raised consumer prices, and not brought back any significant number of jobs, all while alienating the country’s allies.

    From a Canadian perspective, Trefler added that our country, like many others, has little say in global governance architecture.

    Make no mistake this is a RETURN TO GLOBALISM to benefit Billionaires and huge mega corporations. This has ZERO FUKING TO DO WITH THE LITTLE GUY. This is all about countries like Canada and Mexico all screaming that they are being bullied by the USA.

    Again nations Mega Billionaires and Mega Corporations want cheap assed labor they can get from CHINA and Vietnam, Cambodia, Somalia and other places while raping developed countries of their jobs.

    The great reset is the greatest evil in the history of the world. You are watching the 666 appear before our eyes. Everyone always thought of it as the devil. A person. When in reality we were warned that in the future the world would be controlled by a person who did not have your best interests at heart and here the Great Reset looms just around the corner with Biden and the shit crazed progressives cant wait to jump the shark and give the world to CHINA and IRAN and the bad actors of the world.

    “It is in our interest to promote rules-based global governance systems so as to constrain the unilateral behaviour of the largest players internationally,” he added.

  2. Est1950 says:

    If even half of this was to happen you can kiss your jobs goodbye. The economy would tank by about 5-8 trillion per year in GDP. China would become without a doubt the 800 lb gorilla on the planet, burning coal and gas and darkening the skies around the globe with pollution as they laugh their asses off at the stupidity of the little snowflakes who can’t figure a way to compete in a society in which they have cheap labor.

    Every nation has something great to offer the world. The problem is the Great Reset will ignore most of these poor nations because they are too busy KILLING EACH OTHER IN decades long civil wars to care about their citizens.

    If Yemen don’t care about its own. Why will George Soros in the Great Reset.

    It it funny how the left screams when you mention George Soros while they themselves screamed about the KOCH BROTHERS, collapsing to the floor in hysterics.


    The conspiracy theories around the Great Reset are centered on the notion that the WEF initiative is a plot by an international group of elites to strip citizens of their property rights, force them to get vaccinations and create “isolation camps” for anyone who resists.

    AS WE LISTEN TO THE LEFT IN AMERICA TELL US THAT TRUMPIANS SHOULD BE PUT IN CAMPS OR CANCELED. There are conspiracy theories because their is enough evidence to assume that billionaires DO NOT HAVE THE LITTLE GUYS BEST INTEREST AT HEART.

    Enjoy your fuked up lives. Learn to speak Chinese now. The sooner you join the Elwoods of the World the quicker you get out of the camps and get to move into your new AOC HIGH RISE.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Author and film maker Wajahat Ali on reaching out to Trump supporters:

    “To this day, do you know what I want for Trump voters? Affordable health care, a living wage, a good paying job, Social Security, good infrastructure, high-speed internet and success for their families. And what do they need from me? To suffer.”

    The perception outside of Trumplandia is that Trump supporters greatest objective is to “own the libs”, to make them suffer.

    Is this true? Have you been so radicalized and used by Trump that you no longer see America?

    • Est1950 says:

      Hes not reaching out to Trump supporters.

      Affordable health care. My wife pays 57.00 a month for her coverage from her job.

      A living wage? Get a job. THERE WERE LOTS OF THEM until the Chinese released the virus on the entire WORLD.

      A good paying job. Yeah that’s gonna happen when Biden ships all our jobs to China and Vietnam.

      Social Security will never go away.

      Good Infrastructure? What bullshit. Trump tried to do Infrastructure and Nanny Pelosi REFUSED. Can’t give Trump a victory even if it helps all Americans.

      High Speed Internet? WHY….so more people can be brainwashed EASIER by BIG TECH which is in the pocket of the leftist loons?

      Success for Families….not quantifiable. This is pie in the sky rhetoric.

      And what do they need from me? To Suffer…..yeah right nimrod. Donald Trump cut your taxes, lowered unemployment for everyone to historic levels, increased the rise of self owned small businesses to historic levels and your suffering.

      If your suffering nimrod that’s because you won’t work and you were too stupid not to realize that borrowing 250,000 dollars to get a degree in the TUBA was going to have to be paid back.

      You can’t cure stupidity. And this Wajahat ALI is all in on stupidity. But at least he has devoted followers in the Chinese Concetration camps. Why doesn’t he make a movie about their plight and not the awful plight of people in the USA whose main worry is how to address someone without going to Social pergatory and being Canceled.

      We don’t want to own anybody. It was democrats who were slave owners and still remain so today. Once Biden is put in office the left will hurd them black bastards back onto the plantation and tell them to STFU.

      It’s the right who is being made to pay by the left. Is that true Shanghai Elwood?

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