ClimaPope Who Takes Long Fossil Fueled Trips Yammers On About Solving Climate Crisis (scam)

If only the Pope had as much passion for talking about the evil of abortion and governmental control of people’s lives

Pope in TED talk: Earth cannot be squeezed ‘like an orange’

Pope Francis on Saturday issued an urgent call to action to defend the planet and help the poor in his second TED talk.

The pontiff, known for his affinity for social media and technology, said in a videotaped message to a TED conference on climate change that the coronavirus pandemic had put a focus on the social-environmental challenge facing the globe.

“Science tells us, every day with more precision, that it is necessary to act with urgency — I am not exaggerating, science tell us this — if we want to have the hope of avoiding radical changes in the climate and catastrophes,” Francis said, looking directly in the camera as he looked up from his prepared remarks.

He set as a goal for the next decade constructing a world capable of responding to current generations, “without compromising the possibilities of the future generations.” He framed his call with references to his 2015 encyclical on climate change, “Laudato Si,” (Be Praised) and the more recent “Fratelli tutti” (Brothers All) on the failure of market capitalism.

Francis laid out three paths of action: promoting education about the environment “based on scientific data and an ethical approach,” assuring drinking water and an adequate food supply through sustainable agriculture and promoting the transformation from fossil fuels to clean energy sources.

“We have just a few years — scientists calculate roughly fewer than 30 — to drastically reduce the emissions of gas and the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere,” the pope said, adding that the transition needs to take into account the impact on the poor, local populations and those who work in the energy sector.

He called on investors to exclude companies that do not taking into account the environment, as have many faith-based organizations already have.

Have you ever heard the Pope say that investors should exclude companies that support abortion on demand.

Notice that the Pope doesn’t say what actions he is taking. When does he give up his own long fossil fueled flights? When does he convert Vatican City into purely relying on solar and wind? When does he tell Catholics and all the others who take fossil fueled flights then car trips to the Vatican to just stay home? Oh, right, the Vatican would miss out on lots of money, and they wouldn’t want that to occur.

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3 Responses to “ClimaPope Who Takes Long Fossil Fueled Trips Yammers On About Solving Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Est1950 says:

    The WHO is on record as saying the lock-downs are wrong.

    The governor of MI was beat down by her own supreme court who said her actions were illegal. She basically told the Supreme court to go fly a kite and has 21 days to ignore their ruling which should eeke them across the Election finishing line. It’s looking more and more like Trump might lose Michigan by 3-5 points which is why she is continuing to ruin lives for political power.

    Dozens of countries around the world have had their major scientists saying these lock-downs are insane.

    People are protesting and in cases rioting around the world.

    Ever wonder why Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to bail out the airlines? Green new deal wants to eliminate them. The Globalists have used the pandemic to reset the economies of every nation on earth.

    A second wave of infections is spreading around Europe right now. Sweden which used the herd immunity response is averaging 100 new cases per day while the rest of Europe is averaging 10-15000 per day.


    Deaths are statistically insignificant now. Why is that? The take is that the virus has mutated repeatedly and is becoming weaker while at the same time advances in how we treat the infections has made massive strides with new medicines and combinations of medicines.

  2. Est1950 says:

    Finally there is a world wide Cabal against Democracy and Capitalism. This Cabal is led by China, who has carefully put in place propaganda since the early 90’s when the USSR collapsed to guarantee when the time came that they would have the assets in place to do what they are doing now.

    People now believe this infection was actually sweeping the Midwest in the school districts as early as December and January as an unexplained virus of unknown origin was making people sick. At times up to 1/3rd of schools were out sick.

    It was the middle of flu season, the government, CDC, NIH was not concerned. This mini Midwest pandemic lasted just a few weeks and in December and January we were talking about Impeachment and What China was doing in their own country.

    By the way why do we suspect this of China? Because China is a highly secretive nation who hides everything bad and yet when the “PANDEMIC HIT” they were televising it globally as they showed hospitals being built in 10 days, thousands of people spraying the streets with some chemical, lock-downs, the cities actually being able to see the stars for the first time in a generation.

    Why do you suppose they did that and are now business as usual with simply wearing masks while the rest of the world is locked down and hiding in their basement?

    It’s because China released this virus on the world and then used the propaganda arm of an intolerant and hateful CCP government to destroy their citizens lives to scare the rest of the world into economic ruin and collapse.

    Meanwhile the 1200 billionaires around the world, most of whom are socialists and communists are resetting the world economy to reflect Socialism and communism. Be very afraid America.

  3. Kye says:

    I’ve been trying to get the flu numbers from Red China since last Friday and I have been baffled. The numbers on the internet go from 17 million to 280 million infected, and from 2,5 million to 75 million dead. The Red Chinese have successfully made such a mess of the truth about their own home grown disease it almost looks as if it was created by the DNC.

    My step daughter in Seoul tells me their information on Red China is 225 million infected with 36 million dead. Her info is better than ours since she doesn’t have the Democommie party propagandists in their media trying to win an election for a senile liar and his whore. But even with the clarity of an actual non-partisan news industry the Red Chinese have hidden their numbers really well. Makes one wonder if Mao really murdered 60 million or 260 million. How could anyone know?

    Now N. Korea reported on July 26 they were “on alert” because they got their FIRST Wuhan Red Chinese flu infection. Teir FIRST this past July. No lying going on there.

    Trying to extract facts from communists is like trying to get an honest mail in vote from a Democommie. It COULD happen but don’t bet on it.

    Trump 2020 Let’s end the Red Chinese Democommie Cuomo Flu for good.

    Elwood’s hero, and motto:

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