Portland Leftist Suddenly Discover 10th Amendment As They Sue Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

This really is hilarious. I was laughing and smiling reading it late yesterday, and I’m still chuckling now. Suddenly, the 10th Amendment is important to these Progressives (nice Fascists), when they usually blow it off. Also, they’re attempting to cite it so that violent “protesters” can continue being violent

New lawsuit filed accuses federal law enforcement of violating Tenth Amendment in Portland

Several federal law enforcement agencies are facing another lawsuit over officers’ actions during the ongoing Portland protests.

Western States Center, Inc., First Unitarian Church of Portland, Oregon, Sara Eddie, Oregon Rep. Karin Power, and Rep. Janelle Bynum filed the lawsuit Tuesday against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Federal Protective Service, and the U.S. Marshals Service.

The lawsuit accuses the agencies of violating the limitations of the U.S. Constitution by taking citizens into custody off the streets, putting them into vans, taking them to unknown locations before releasing them when those people were walking home peacefully.

The lawsuit acknowledges that federal officers have the right to protect federal property and personnel, but it claims the people who were detained were walking away from federal property when they were taken into custody.

Um, you don’t get to get off scott free just because you’re walking away from the fruits of your violence. “Hey, officer, you can’t arrest me for the graffiti and attempted arson, for breaking windows and throwing bottles at officers, for tearing down fencing: see, I’m walking away!” It’s like the old myth that a cop can’t bust you for a moving violation if you make it into your driveway. Pro tip: they can.

The Executive Office has the Constitutional authority to deploy federal law enforcement to, at a minimum, defend federal property and detain citizens engaged in criminal violations, which is codified in 40 U.S. Code § 1315. The president doesn’t even have to do anything, say anything, put out an Executive Order, etc: agency heads and such can do it on their own.

The lawsuit intends to stop the federal government from depriving Portlanders of the right to be policed solely by those the Constitution permits. It also intends to vindicate the First Amendment rights of a church whose “religious practice includes activism and protest in the face of injustice.”

Suddenly they care about the religion part of the 1st Amendment.

Rep. Power says she is suing because the federal law enforcement agencies violated the Tenth Amendment and made it more difficult for her to set state law enforcement policy applicable in Portland and throughout the state.

Rep. Bynum says she and her family are afraid to move through Portland with federal officers in the city. Like Power, Bynum says that by violating the Tenth Amendment, the agencies are impeding on her ability to set state law enforcement policy.

All they have to do is NOT attack federal property, and won’t be a problem. She can help set state law enforcement policy, but, they cannot dictate that federal law enforcement cannot defend federal property and personnel. Perhaps the Representatives should have been more concerned with the violence when it started almost 60 days ago.

The Tenth Amendment states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, not prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

It’s a lazy article that fails to mention that the Executive Office has those powers. They couldn’t, say, start arresting people in Portland who hadn’t broken federal law, but, remember, ICE has the lawful authority to wander around and arrest illegals and other such targets on their radar. Of course, these Progressives only care so much about the 10th. Over at Portland’s KOIN they discuss the same lawsuit, while also noting in an article that was right next to it

Judge deals blow to Oregon group’s vision of ‘Greater Idaho’

A federal judge struck a blow to rural conservatives who hope to constrict Oregon’s borders and create “Greater Idaho.”

The group Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho wants a majority of Oregon’s land to be absorbed by Idaho, along with a portion of Northern California. They feel Idaho better fits their needs and values. The group’s president, Michael McCarter, recently filed a federal lawsuit seeking a reduction of the number of signatures required to get the initiative on ballots in rural Oregon counties, arguing COVID-19 restrictions have made it “practically impossible” to gather enough signatures.

Portland and the rest of the state should be backing the group’s attempt, because of the People part of the 10th. As we all know, Democrats only care about the Constitution and Bill of Rights when convenient.

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2 Responses to “Portland Leftist Suddenly Discover 10th Amendment As They Sue Federal Law Enforcement Agencies”

  1. Dana says:

    I’ve said it before: President Trump should pull those federal agents out of the Democratic cities and let Portland and Chicago and New York City and Philadelphia reap the benefits of the seeds they have sown in electing Democratic governments. Come November, we are going to see a surprising number of Republican votes from the heavily Democratic cities, as the adults in town are going to realize that the Democrats pandering to the “woke” has put the adults in jeopardy.

    And, of course, my shameless blog plug: The editors of The Philadelphia Inquirer would trade more black lives to defeat President Trump. I’m sure that Mr Dowd would do the same.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    NuCons suddenly forget the 10th Amendment.

    The US military has said ‘nyet’ to Tweetie, so now he’s using federal paramilitary in “Democrat” run cities to control the the out of control “rioters” and to fight street crime. All campaign, all the time.

    Tweetie decided to restart his Covid Campaign talks, and yesterday blamed the explosion of the pandemic across the old confederacy on BLM and Mexicans. All campaign, all the time.

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