Apple Releases Plan To Have Zero Carbon Impact By 2030

And Vogue wants you to meet the woman behind this!

Apple Is Striving for Zero Climate Impact by 2030—Meet the Woman Behind the Mission

Try to think of a brand with greater influence over your life than Apple. Most of us can’t get through the day without our iPhones or the multitude of apps they support, and our new #WFH reality has only reinforced just how much we rely on—no, need—our technology. Apple has reached near-mythical status as a result, representing the ne plus ultra of American innovation, progressive thought, and mind-boggling success: In January, weeks before the coronavirus had escalated to a pandemic, Apple reported the most profitable quarter of any corporation ever, a cool $22.2 billion.

All to say: If any company can make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change, it’s Apple. Today, the company is releasing an ambitious road map to achieve true climate neutrality across its entire business by 2030. Its corporate operations are already neutral—meaning Apple offsets the carbon emissions it can’t avoid through investing in forests and nature-based solutions like mangrove restoration and regenerative agriculture. But by 2030 it will be carbon-neutral across its entire supply chain and products too. That means they’ll take the energy you use to charge your iPhone, MacBook, AirPods, and iPad into account then offset it responsibly.

In other words, you’ll pay even more for your Apple products. I wonder, will Apple stop using China for so much of its manufacturing? Or their massive global supply chain? How many parts and components are put on fossil fueled ships and airplanes, shipped to the US and around the world for manufacturing, then shipped around the world for sales?

Other ambitious goals on Apple’s list include transitioning dozens of its suppliers to clean energy; incorporating more recycled plastic, tin, aluminum, and rare materials into Apple products; and sourcing paper only from responsibly managed forests. In the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement, Apple is also unveiling a new racial equity and justice initiative to address the connections between climate change and racial inequity. “You can’t have justice if you don’t have environmental justice,” Jackson says. “The pandemic has brought environmental justice back up to the front [of the conversation]. There’s an imperative to our work that we don’t talk about enough, which is [the need to] help people who didn’t cause the problem but will be the victims of the problem because of where they live and their access to fresh water or food, which will both be challenged.”

This really isn’t about climate, is it? You’ll get a nice helping of Virtue Signalling and SJW garbage with your iPhone, so that young ladies can post sexily for their Instagram and stuff. Anyhow, the rest of the article is an interview of Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives, and you continue learning that this really isn’t about climate, but, SJW garbage, and that you’re really going to pay more for your Apple products, and that Apple seems to be pushing for you to pay more on your electric bill to offset your carbon pollution.

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