To Fight Rising Crime, NYC Gets Rid Of Traffic And Homeless Units

Of course, they and the news are trying to Blame guns, not the criminals using them who also vote Democrat in this Democrat run city

NYPD scraps traffic and homeless units and reassigns officers to fight rising gun crime

The NYPD has cut traffic and homeless units to focus on rising gun violence following mayor Bill DeBlasio’s move to defund police, according to reports.

Senior police leadership transferred 114 members of the traffic congestion mitigation and 85 members of the homeless outreach units, according to official documents seen by The New York Post.

The 199 officers were reassigned to precincts to combat a recent spike in shootings across the city, an NYPD spokesperson told the Post.

It comes after the New York City Council defunded the NYPD budget by nearly $1 billion. (snip)

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea called City Hall leadership cowards who won’t stand up for what’s right or have a “goddamn clue what they’re talking about”, in a video leaked to the NY Daily News.

Mr Shea has heavily criticised police reform bills signed by the mayor, and said that the chipping away of resources to the NYPD would adversely affect public safety.

In fairness to DeBlasio, he does see traffic enforcement as part of the police department’s duties, and, he’s right: many people might not like getting busted for their bad driving, but, it’s about safeguarding other people first, at least in terms of moving violations. They also help relieve the massive traffic that happens in NYC. Regardless, because of the malfeasance of NYC leaders crime is spiking in NYC, and the police are the ones that have to attempt to deal with it, even as they are given no backing by the city, and you have plenty of officers retiring and leaving.

“They are failing at every possible measure to be leaders, and they throw it on the backs of the men and women of this police department, and curse them with one hand and then blame them with the other,” Mr Shea said during a weekly CompStat meeting with top police officials.

“People that don’t have a clue about how to keep New Yorkers safe suddenly think they know about policing. I have another thing to tell them — they don’t have a goddamn clue what they are talking about. But we are not going to let them destroy this city,” he continued.

See, even while being insulted and such, the police will still do their job. And, really, the spike started the minute the city disbanded the anti-crime unit, along with bail changes which released violators right back into the community.

Of course, Comrade DeBlasio and the city leaders are not big fans of people protesting near city hall

New York police seen clearing protesters from Occupy City Hall zone

New York police officers are seen clearing protesters from the Occupy City Hall zone on July 22.

The footage shows a large group of officers sweep through the camp, forcing protesters out of the area.


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