Good News: Climahysteric Jane Fonda Pimps Tracksuits For Bat Soup Virus And Hotcoldwetdry Relief

Isn’t she awesome?

Jane Fonda Is Making Tracksuits for COVID-19 Relief

Like many who are in self-isolation right now, actress Jane Fonda is delving into the world of comfortable outfits. Today, she modeled a heather gray tracksuit in the corner of her living room with a fresh lacquer of red lipstick. (She was also petting a puppy.) The set featured a rainbow jersey stripe with “Fonda” printed down the sides. But it’s no ordinary sweatsuit. They’re currently for sale and 100 percent of the net proceeds will go to benefit Fire Drill Friday, Fonda’s cause that urges politicians to pay attention to climate change, and One Fair Wage, which advocates for full minimum wage for workers. “Each purchase will help the fight against climate change and provide assistance to our service industry and tipped workers affected by COVID-19,” she wrote in the caption. Fonda had initially shown off the sweats a week ago, but then she referred to them as “my Jane Fonda sweats.” After a flurry of positive comments, including one that read “not to be a capitalist but……do you sell these????”, Fonda decided to make them for sale. The decision to sell the sets comes after Fonda noted in November that her red coat would be the last item of clothing she’d purchase.

This isn’t the first time Fonda has used fashion to make a political statement. She has long been wearing the aforementioned bright red coat to her Fire Drill Friday demonstrations on Capitol Hill, where she’s been arrested multiple times. She’s also Instagrammed herself in red socks with climate activist Greta Thunberg’s face, noting that people should react towards climate change the way they are reacting towards COVID-19. Speaking of the COVID-19 crisis, last month Fonda wore a red Working America bandana around her mouth and wrote: “@CDCgov @kamalaharris @speakerpelosi this is NOT personal protective equipment. Bandanas and scarves provide almost NO effective protection when #COVID19 patients are highly contagious.#ProtectNurses and save lives: strengthen PPE guidelines for frontline health care workers NOW!”

In other words, not only has she hijacked St. Greta’s Friday’s For The Future movement with her own Fire Drill Friday (taking long fossil fueled trips), she’s now trying to makes some cash off of it, and using Bat Soup Virus to sell even more.

As far as 100% of the net proceeds, that word “net” is the caveat. How much will she skim off? Funny how the climate cultists always scream for Modern Socialism, but not for their own lives.

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2 Responses to “Good News: Climahysteric Jane Fonda Pimps Tracksuits For Bat Soup Virus And Hotcoldwetdry Relief”

  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Traitorous bitch should have been hanged a long time ago.

    Lolgf Hanoi Jane

  2. Jan Blickenstaff says:

    Why is jane not at home in Hanoi?

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