Oil Is Making Guyana Wealthy Which Ticks Warmists Off

Of course, it doesn’t tick climate cultists off enough that they give up their own use of fossil fuels and 1st World lifestyle. They just want developing nations to not have the same privileges. And, yes, this would be an actual privilege, not mentioned in the NY Times screed

‘It Changed So Fast’: Oil Is Making Guyana Wealthy but Intensifying Tensions

On a sprawling abandoned sugar estate by the coast of Guyana, the scale of the changes sweeping across the country is immediately visible.

In just a few years, enormous warehouses and office buildings servicing international oil companies have sprung up amid the shrub land, irrigation canals and fields of wild cane.

People are “moving from cutting cane to businessmen,” said Mona Harisha, a local shop owner. “It changed so fast.”

Guyana is giving up its past as an agricultural economy and speeding toward its near-term future as an oil-producing giant. And so Ms. Harisha has renovated her general goods shop, redolent of Indian spices, which she runs from a side of her cottage in the Houston neighborhood of Georgetown, the county’s capital.

She said oil companies have brought jobs and better roads, and have raised home values — and brought new business to her shop.

Her daughter is thinking of returning from New York, an example of how the government is enticing Guyana’s huge diaspora home with promises of the oil bounty.

Guyana is one of the fastest growing economies in South America, and one of the best for developing nations. They’re doing all the smart things that Venezuela, which is oil rich, isn’t. Fossil fuels, when not stifled by idiotic government and Warmist do-gooders, is one of the best ways to lift people out of poverty. It brings modernity, job opportunities, affordable energy, and a higher standard of living, among others.

For many, the transformation into an oil economy has brought optimism about greater prosperity. But that optimism is often mixed with a fatalism that nothing will really improve for the vast majority of people in one of South America’s poorest countries.

See, of course they have to see the potential negative. In fact, go and read the rest of the article. You’ll see that any fatalism and “intensifying tensions” have nothing really to do with the oil, but other issues. And devolves into all sorts of other things, that really have little to nothing to do with oil. It’s the kind of screed you’d expect from a cult.

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One Response to “Oil Is Making Guyana Wealthy Which Ticks Warmists Off”

  1. John says:

    Teach you should always check primary sources
    If you were to check per capita income if Guyana by year you would not see anything but the same steady increase usualy
    about 3-5%
    Local Guyana media says the oil money is going to the Chinese and a few Guyanese
    But with oil under 30$ a barrel profits my be low
    And remember your o pipeline From Canada ? Producers there are PAYING customers to take some ow grade Petroleum grades

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