Wake County Sheriff Told To Issue New Gun Permits

Of course, there is a very big caveat in this

Wake sheriff to resume pistol permit applications halted by coronavirus concerns

The Wake County sheriff will resume processing pistol purchase permits in “as timely a fashion as possible under the current conditions,” according to a court order filed Tuesday.

Sheriff Gerald Baker said he was pleased with the order, signed by Resident Superior Court Judge A. Graham Shirley.

“I believe the court’s review of the entire situation reveals that my primary purpose has always been, and will continue to be, to protect the safety and welfare of my staff, Wake County citizens and the jail residents housed in the Wake County Public Safety Center,” Baker stated in a news release.

Baker announced last week that he was suspending pistol purchase permit applications until April 30 because of a backlog in applications and a concern that growing numbers of people coming in seeking permits could potentially spread the coronavirus.

Pistol purchase permit applications were up nearly 500% over the same time period as 2018, The News & Observer previously reported. The applications require a background check, and the Wake County Clerk of Courts, which does the checks, could not keep up with demand, the sheriff said.

Look, I get the point of having too many people too close. There were a bunch of people in line very close when I got mine back in 2009. But, this is all an excuse from an uber-Leftist sheriff who really doesn’t want to give any out, and he will find a way to snail walk applications, meaning people won’t be getting them for months and months, if at all this year.

The consent order gives Baker up to seven days to implement the changes needed to resume accepting pistol purchase applications. Information on the modified application process will be available on the Sheriff’s Office Pistol Permits Office’s website in the next few days.

We’ll have to see what he puts in place.

Meanwhile, in other Gun Grabber news

Moms Demand Action to Governors: ‘Ignore’ Trump’s ‘Essential’ Label for Gun Stores

Michael Bloomberg’s gun control groups Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety are urging governors around the country to ignore the Donald Trump administration’s labeling of gun stores as “essential” business.

On March 28, 2020, Breitbart News reported that Trump’s Department of Homeland Security issued new guidelines highlighting those businesses that are essential and “critical” during a coronavirus shutdown. Firearm retailers and manufacturers were listed as essential, and the Bloomberg gun control groups are trying to convince governors that it is okay to ignore these guidelines.

A post on the Everytown/Moms Demand Action website quotes Moms Demands Action’s Shannon Watts saying, “The gun lobby has fear-mongered to stoke gun sales throughout this pandemic, pedaling the lie that more guns make us safer. The Trump administration just gave that myth its seal of approval, proving once again that President Trump cares more about lining gun dealers’ pockets than saving American lives.”

Democrats and their pet media have turned an elevated issue of concern into an economy destroying pandemic, and citizens are concerned about the rise of crime as cops are dispatched to arrest people having parties.

Everytown’s John Feinblatt said, “It’s shameful and nonsensical that the Trump administration has decided to put gun dealers and manufacturers on the same level as police, first responders, hospital workers, and other Americans who are risking everything to save lives during this pandemic. Governors should feel free to ignore this irresponsible advisory and do what’s best for their residents.”

See, having the means to protect yourself is meaningless for these gun grabbers. Interesting that Bloomberg, Watts, and other gun grabbers typically have their own armed security.

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4 Responses to “Wake County Sheriff Told To Issue New Gun Permits”

  1. John says:

    NC is getting bluer every year
    Is Wake the county you live in,Teach ?
    Will you decide to move rather than give your precious tax money to a lefty state government ? Soros has specifically targeted NC in his plan to destroy the USA

    • formwiz says:

      It is?

      Just going by ’18 isn’t much of an indicator.

      You just may be disappointed this Fall.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Cons are prepping for a coming zombie-like APOCALYPSE, where American civilization collapses and unprepared urbanites scour the suburbs and rural areas for food, internet streaming and drugs.

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