Queen Beats Greens On Lawsuit To Build Hydroelectric Dam

You know how Greenie Weenie’s want us to build lots of solar, wind, and hydro power to replace Evil coal and fossil fuels? That mostly seems to be in theory, because when you actually try and build them the greenies try and stop them

Queen wins battle with environmental protestors to build hydroelectric turbine on Balmoral estate

The Queen has won a battle with environmentalists to go green and build a hydroelectric turbine on her land.

Her Majesty wanted to build a two-megawatt generator on the River Muick, which runs through her 50,000-acre Balmoral estate in Scotland.

The plans will generate up to £650,000 of power a year, which will power the estate, and surplus electricity could be sold on to the National Grid.

But the plans were opposed by environmentalists who feared it would be too noisy for woodland creatures living nearby.

It’s always something with these people. “We need green energy! But you can’t build it!”

Richard Gledson, on behalf of Balmoral Estates, said of the plans: ‘Balmoral Estates has already developed a hydro scheme on the Gelder Burn, which was commissioned in 2014.

So, why are Greenie Weenies concerned now? They weren’t concerned before.

The turbines will be the fourth and fifth installed there.

The first was supplied to provide electric light to Queen Victoria in 1898.

Definitely not concerned before. The NY Times was Concerned about hydroelectric dams blocking free flowing rivers. Salon wanted dams taken down to protect salmon. Lots more of that out there, and Grist, which has run anti-dam articles in the past, notes that when dams are torn down coal steps in. You probably get some natural gas, too.

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3 Responses to “Queen Beats Greens On Lawsuit To Build Hydroelectric Dam”

  1. Dana says:

    Rush Limbaugh calls them the environmentalist whackos, and he’s right: as they type away on their electrically powered computers, in their fossil fuel heated homes, while drinking their lattes, the ingredients of which were shipped on diesel powered trucks, they are opposed to even the non-polluting forms of electric power generation.

    People have made fun of the whackos by claiming that we could get electricity from fairy dust and unicorn farts — which, as I understand it, do release CO2! — but, when you read some of the stupid stuff they oppose, you can’t help but believe that such a claim about them is accurate.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Rush Limbaugh also claims tobacco use doesn’t cause cancer.

    • formwiz says:

      It doesn’t. Any more than alcohol causes cirrhosis.

      It’s the addiction, the repeated heavy use.


      If you smoke one Marlboro a day, you really think you get cancer?

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