Extinction Rebellion Says There’s No “Going Back To Business As Usual” Or Something

Even if you believe that the slightly elevated climate is mostly/solely caused by the actions of humanity, you should sit back and think on what the hardcore disciples of the Cult of Climastrology actually want and whether you want to be a part of this, much like many Muslims sit back and say they want nothing to do with the beliefs and goals of the radical Islamists

‘No going back’ after coronavirus say Extinction Rebellion Furness climate change activists

THERE should be no going back to “business as usual” when the coronavirus outbreak dies down, say environmental campaigners.

An XR Furness spokesman said the reduction in flights and driving as people work from home has led to a huge improvement in air quality, much less CO2 being released into the atmosphere and a new feeling of community.

“In China, deaths from coronavirus stood at 3,208 yesterday,” he said.

“But the improved air quality there as a result of the outbreak could have prevented between 50,000 and 75,000 deaths from air pollution. Here we’re enjoying seeing – although at a safe distance – our friends and families more in the open air and being part of a community, helping each other in a way that feels right. We’ve got to learn from this that there are better ways to live.

Go that? It was worth 3,200 people dying. Is this a really great message to put out? That we should kill off and/or let die thousands to mitigate a slight 1.5F increase in global temperatures, an average Holocene warm period?

But the fear was, said the spokesman, that instead of building on the improvement in the quality of people’s lives, the old system would be rebooted as the outbreak slows.

“That happened after the 2018 financial crash. Emissions of CO2, which had been down, shot up again.

“We can’t go back to the rat race that was driving us to extinction.

“We’ve got to learn from this that there are better ways to live.

“Some people may think this is pie in the sky. But to think we can go on as we were, despite clear warning from scientists, is completely unrealistic.”

This would be the old system that provided food, clothing, housing, and so forth, versus the one XR wants, which looks like empty shelves, which, when finally replaced, you’re restricted. Many stores are restricting the amount people can buy. Guy I work with has a large family, and could only buy one pack of chicken breasts. Not enough. XR would prefer things look like Venezuela.

As NotFarWrong writes in the story comments “Unfortunately people can’t live on fresh air. They have to work. Work brings prosperity and prosperity brings better environmental controls. China had been working its way towards that end but the actions of its communist government have put a very large stumbling block in the way of that.”

And that fresh air has nothing to do with “carbon pollution”, but, real environmental pollutants.

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One Response to “Extinction Rebellion Says There’s No “Going Back To Business As Usual” Or Something”

  1. Sarthurk says:

    As usual from them. A total lack of understanding about, well, everything.
    Morons . . .

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