This Is The “Yes We Can” Moment For ‘Climate Change’ Action Or Something

It’s probably not a really good idea for the doomsday Cult of Climastrology to be pushing this right now

‘This is a yes-we-can moment’: What the coronavirus response means for climate action

Climate scientists believe the unprecedented measures in place to tackle the coronavirus pandemic give a glimpse of what could be possible when it comes to fighting the climate emergency.

The coronavirus outbreak and the climate crisis are two inherently different global risks, but both have a potentially devastating human cost. Despite this, only one has kickstarted widespread action across the globe in recent weeks.

With COVID-19 infections now confirmed in more than 150 countries, governments around the world have imposed war-like measures to contain its spread.

Some countries have been put into lockdown, with public gatherings canceled, schools closed, and citizens being advised to avoid discretionary travel and work from home over the coming months. Emergency funds have also been released for businesses struggling to stay afloat.

All of these measures have been implemented to help save lives.

It’s not a particularly good argument for implementing ‘climate change’ policy, is it? We know that the measures for Corona/Wuhan/Chinese virus are temporary (and perhaps over-blown). All the restrictions, loss of productivity, lost jobs, inability to travel, loss of personal and business revenue, stuck at home, slow Internet, not creating new movies and TV shows, no sports, and so forth, these are all temporary. With ‘climate change’ policy, this is permanent.

And will these same Warmists who screech about Trump being a dictator and authoritarian be cool with the government making do all these things?

Speaking to CNBC via telephone, Rockstrom emphasized that the degree of risk between the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis was “completely incompatible,” as the latter is much more serious.

“They are incomparable. The coronavirus is nothing compared to the climate crisis … The climate crisis is an existential crisis,” he said.

Oh, blow it out your ass. Let’s see Warmists live this life for a few years, see how they do.

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