Reproductive Justice Needs To Be Part Of Hotcoldwetdry Research Or Something

Warmists keep claiming that ‘climate change’ is all about science when Skeptics say it’s all about politics, then Warmists prove us right again and again

Integrating a Reproductive Justice Framework in Climate Research

Climate change is reshaping weather patterns, economies, and social structures and fundamentally altering the planet. The question is no longer why or if climate change is happening but how communities around the world will respond in order to safeguard human health, safety, and freedom.

While climate change affects both women and men, the way it is experienced differs significantly by gender. As a result, academic researchers, government agencies, and think tanks are making efforts to integrate a gender-specific lens into their climate research—an approach known as gender mainstreaming. While gender mainstreaming has led to more extensive research on the connection between climate change and women’s health and well-being, there is still more work to be done to capture these intersecting issues. Specifically, there is a dearth of research that uses a reproductive justice framework to better understand and respond to the inequitable effects that climate change has on women. Indeed, not all women experience climate change similarly, so simply applying a gender lens is oftentimes insufficient.

Coined by women of color activists in 1994, the term reproductive justice refers to a human rights framework that emphasizes a person’s right to have children or not and to parent the children they do have with dignity and in a safe environment. It links reproductive rights with social justice and demonstrates how the intersecting forms of oppression that some women—particularly Black, Latina, and Indigenous women—experience can affect their bodily autonomy and parenting decisions. These forms of oppression include facing discrimination in the health care system; being denied access to services based on income or immigration status; living in unsafe and unhealthy environments; or experiencing disparities in pay and overall economic security.

Let’s put this in plain English, rather than Barking Moonbat: they want to have the right to get pregnant through unsafe, irresponsible sex, then abort that baby willy nilly. And they’re linking the abortion on demand movement with doomsday Cult of Climastrology. Everything else mentioned later in the article, such as “poor menstrual health and hygiene,” are all diversions from the real issue, abortion, which is no surprise, being that this screed comes from the Center For American Progress, about as far left as you’re going to get.

And, pretty much everything the mention requires massive amounts of Big Centralized Government. Surprise?

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14 Responses to “Reproductive Justice Needs To Be Part Of Hotcoldwetdry Research Or Something”

  1. Kye says:

    Shouldn’t reproductive “justice” also include the male part of the parenting (or aborting) question? After all justice should include all parties not just a chosen few.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Kye makes an excellent point. Women do not get pregnant on their own. If a woman and doctor are jailed for abortion, shouldn’t the father also be jailed?

    TEACH blames women for having unsafe, irresponsible sex, but it takes two to tango. For every woman having unsafe, irresponsible sex resulting in an unwanted pregnancy, there’s a man being just as irresponsible. Can’t men control themselves?

    • David D says:

      I personally am opposed to abortion but I think it would be the straw that breaks the camels back in this country if the supreme court makes it illegal again.

      The ensuing anarchy will be mind numbing. You saw what happened in VA. with the gun control measures. That was the right in peaceful assembly.

      The left does not know how to assemble peacefully. They will burn down every town from east to west coast if the Supreme court rules to ban abortion.

      It would be no different for the country than if the Supreme court ruled that states can take our guns away. The same results I think will happen if either thing happens in this country.

      There is no right answer. What should happen is the Courts should let each state decide. Let a woman drive a few hundred miles to get an abortion. Give her time to think about cavalierly ending a life, and reflect on birth control and condoms in the future.

      • Kye says:

        The problem with abortion David D, is Roe vs. Wade. Abortion was and since it is not in the Constitution should rightfully be a state matter. RvW made it a federal matter and that single overstep brought us to where we are now. It paved the way for federal Education, again not a federal power. Today the radical left thinks it is fine for the feds to take away our 2nd amendment because they make shit up out of thin air.

        Let me ask you this: what would happen if a city or state decided to call itself a “sanctuary” against abortion or the Civil Rights law? Do you think the left and the whole of the federal government would not come down and crush every man, woman and child in that state? Yet they are comfortable in “sanctuary” for non-American invaders and have no fear of reprisal. Even from TrumpHitler who is a monster and fascist! So who do you actually believe is running America, the normies or the radical left?

        Look what the left has done to the Democrat Party. If Elizabeth Warren had not lost her marbles on the campaign trail, the party would not be in the position to back a dementia patient for the nomination. Just let that sink in for a moment. The inner party is prepared to install a dementia patient in the White House as their best option. That is prima facie evidence that the political class has descended into madness.

        Trump 2020 Keep the loonies out

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Reagan, BushII, tRump… speaking of dementia…

          2nd Amendment: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

          DumpTrump 2020: Toss the loonies out

          • formwiz says:

            Reagan was lucid enough to win the Cold War.

            And the other two were good enough to beat you. And win their wars.

            2nd Amendment was to provide an army in time of war. The MinuteMan legend was big after Yorktown.

            Trump 2020: Toss the loonies out

            Start with Gropin’ Joe, Pelosi Galore, Chuckie Schumer, Fatty Nadless, Schiff For Brains, Chlamydia, Spartacus, Buttpeg, Bloomie, the Squad, and, if they have any delusions left about national office, the Ozarks.

      • formwiz says:

        I think it would be the straw that breaks the camels back in this country if the supreme court makes it illegal again.

        considering abortions are way down and ultrasound has made people realize that’s not a clumnp of cells, I doubt anything would happen. The Lefties are mostly talk and little action (unless there are 5 of them and one old white guy).

        <>The left does not know how to assemble peacefully. They will burn down every town from east to west coast if the Supreme court rules to ban abortion.

        Love to see them try it. Open season on Commies. EWhat they’d do is cry and whine the way they did when Trump was elected.

        It would be no different for the country than if the Supreme court ruled that states can take our guns away


        Amendment IX
        The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

        Amendment X
        The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

        There is no right answer. What should happen is the Courts should let each state decide.

        The right answer, of course, is not to murder unborn children.

        That’s the way it was before, hotshot, and that’s the way it would probably be this time, unless the Court rules an unborn baby has the same rights to life as one that’s born (and, considering how the Lefties think they have the right to murder a newborn, that just might happen).

    • formwiz says:

      Only if he’s part of the decision.

      How’s ’bout jailing all the abortion pushers?

      Democrats, Planned Barrenhood, etc.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    It’s unclear if TEACH even read the article.

    from the article:

    Poor maternal health outcomes and delayed prenatal care:
    Extreme temperatures—and particularly extreme heat—can negatively affect maternal and fetal health outcomes because, among other reasons, pregnant women are at higher risk of overheating during pregnancy. A study in Nature Climate Change confirmed a correlation between heat exposure and preterm deliveries and concluded that, without adaptation, women in the United States will experience 250,000 fewer days of gestation each year by 2100.

    Following natural disasters, women are at greater risk of experiencing miscarriages, preterm birth and low birth weight deliveries, and intrauterine growth restrictions. Researchers at Tulane University found that after Hurricane Katrina, women who experienced at least three incidents of trauma related to hurricane exposure had higher rates of low birth weight and preterm deliveries.

    Other possible threats to maternal health as a result of climate change include vector-borne diseases (e.g., malaria and dengue fever); exposure to toxic chemicals; air pollution; water scarcity; and population displacement.

    After Hurricane Katrina, 14 counties and parishes in Louisiana experienced a significant increase in the percentage of women who received late or no prenatal care—from 2.3 percent before the hurricane to 3.9 percent after the hurricane.

    Translating from English to Wingnut: ABORTION!

    and: Population control is dangerous and ineffective.

    A 2011 study of floods in northern Bangladesh over the prior five years found that women and girls reported increases in gynecological infections, irregular menstruation, and other reproductive health issues due to a lack of access to clean water, hygienic supplies, and sanitation.

    Globally, women tend to possess fewer assets, including land and other materials, and have relatively less access to cash and credit. Indeed, denial of land rights contributes to their reduced wealth and access to credit. As a result, women have less capacity to respond to climate change and often experience stunted economic recovery in the months and years that follow a climate disaster.

    Women are more likely to experience nutritional deficits, particularly when pregnant or breastfeeding. This is only exacerbated by climate-induced food scarcity and the resultant deprioritization of their nutritional needs in the household food hierarchy.

    Translation from English to Wingnut: WHORES!

    • formwiz says:

      He read it. He just couldn’t believe there was so much stupid in 4 paragraphs.

      Translating from English to Commie: They did just fine. Women have been having babies without doctors for a long time. Especially without the government butting in.

      Translation from English to Commie: You seem to think every lower class owman sells it on the street.

      Or are you going to tell us without abortion, women become hookers?

      Christ, what an idiot.

  4. Jl says:

    “The inequitable effects of climate change…”. Oh, my. People have been inequitably effected since the dawn of civilization, and always will be. So? “The person’s right to have children…”. Funny, no mention of he responsibility to be able to afford the child that you choose to have.

  5. formwiz says:

    When you see anything with the word Justice in the title, you can bet it’s more take from some who earned it, give to your preferred constituency.

    5 gets you 10, since the Conservatives are having all the kids these days, this will be turned into ban births for some (Red China ring a bell?), import kids and/or brood sows to make good little Lefties.

  6. Kye says:

    I have become very anti abortion as I aged. Most of what pushed me in this direction was the radical left’s refusal to acknowledge that the “tissue” growing in a woman is a human being and for all of mankind’s existence it was the mother who was supposed to protect and care for him. Then came “feminism” and the wants and desires of the mother took became central rather than the love of her child. IOW, they love themselves more than they love their baby.

    The failure of the left to admit to the science of human creation and birth is the same sort of scientific denial they have for “transgenders” and their cultish following of climate propaganda even as every single prediction over the last 50 years has been wrong. That’s not science that’s denial of the truth for political reasons.

    All that said I still encourage pregnant leftists and minorities to explore the abundance of women’s services available, at tax payers expense, at the clean, sanitary and well manned Planned Parenthood nearest them. Although they may not be required to employ doctors it really does not matter. The actual doctors they have employed in the past have like Gosnell shown themselves to be able to put Josef Mengele to shame.

    Trump 2020 Let’s keep America Great

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