Good Grief: Stores Have To Limit Toilet Paper Purchases From Panic Buying

Down here in the South, and, let’s face it, many other places, if a winter storm is predicted people run to the store and buy milk, bread, water, and eggs. Same thing for a potential tropical storm. One time I saw the cookie aisle wiped out. Oh, and don’t forget to get the beer. The funny one is people buying microwave meals, when the power can go out. Also, I’ve been through plenty of storms, hurricanes, tropical storms, snow storms, ice storm, big thunderstorms, where the power goes out, and never needed to buy water. On several occasions there was no power, no cable, no phone (landline and wireless), yet, water stays on. Anyhow

‘It’s crazy’: Panic buying forces stores to limit purchases of toilet paper and masks

Rationing supplies. Overwhelmed delivery workers. Toilet paper protected by security guards.

This is the new reality for some retailers that are having to take drastic action to limit the number of toilet paper rolls, face masks and hand sanitizer bottles each person can buy as customers stockpile goods over fears of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Australian supermarket chains Woolworths and Coles both began limiting toilet paper purchases to four packs per person this week. Costco Australia is also restricting how much toilet tissue, disinfectant, milk, eggs and rice each customer can buy.

In the United States, Kroger (KR) says it is capping individual purchases of “sanitization, cold and flu-related products,” while Home Depot (HD) is curbing the number of face masks in single orders placed online and in stores.

In the United Kingdom, Boots is limiting the purchase of hand sanitizer to two bottles per customer, and UK online grocer Ocado has advised customers to place orders further in advance in the wake of “exceptionally high demand.”

I can see wanting disinfectant, but, the rest? How is all that TP going to help you? Hand sanitizer won’t protect you. Face masks are for people who already have the flu (pretty smart to go to Home Depot for them, but, are they medically sound, or just to protect from dust and stuff during home building?).

At a Coles supermarket in Brisbane, Australia on Wednesday, toilet paper was completely sold out. One worker at the store told CNN Business that his shift had been hectic as customers mobbed the aisles.

When a new delivery of toilet rolls arrived that afternoon, workers didn’t even have time to unpack the goods before shoppers swooped in, he said.

Is this an Australian thing?


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5 Responses to “Good Grief: Stores Have To Limit Toilet Paper Purchases From Panic Buying”

  1. MatrixTransform says:

    It’s all true.
    Can supply pictures if required
    taken yesterday.

  2. John says:

    Your Donald doesn’t seem to be very effective in preventing panic

    • Kye says:

      First of all John, that “panic” is in Australia you clown. What control does President Trump have over Australia?

      Secondly, the media starts panics, not the President regardless who he is. They’ve been trying to do that here for several weeks but have so far failed. They want to use a panic the way they tried to use the Russia lies, the Mueller scam or the phony impeachment.

      You SHOULD be rooting for America John, at this time of emergency, not against it.

      Trump 2020 Keep America Great

    • formwiz says:

      Your brain doesn’t seem to be very effective in preventing stupid.

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