Al Gore: Democrats Should Totally Run On Green New Deal

I completely agree: they should. Because they would lose like most running on Hotcoldwetdry as their main position, like Jay Inslee

Al Gore Says Democratic Candidates Should Absolutely Run On AOC’s Green New Deal: Report

Former Vice President Al Gore believes the Green New Deal (GND) could be a winning issue for Democrats in 2020.

The GND is a “broad brushstroke, bold proclamation, the details of which are designed to be filled in later,” Gore told Politico Friday. He believes Democratic candidates should use the legislation to help generate enthusiasm before next year’s election, Politico reported.

Gore also suggested that Republicans are flipping on climate change. “We’re not that far away from a restoration of bipartisan support, particularly since Mother Nature is getting everybody’s attention with these fires and floods and hurricanes,” he told reporters.

Seriously, good luck running on ‘climate change’, which I will note yet again is popular in theory but not in practice. Most polls put it very low on the totem poll of what voters care about. Remember

Another emerging theme from the survey is that people do not want to spend their own money to combat climate change. Thirty-seven percent do not want to pay any additional taxes, and only 14 percent are willing to pay even $1 more a month.


For example, while nearly half of adults say they would be willing to pay a $2 monthly tax on their electricity bills to help combat climate change, just over a quarter say they are willing to pay $10 extra each month. And while two-thirds support stricter fuel-efficiency standards for the nation’s cars and trucks, increases in the gas tax remain deeply unpopular.

This is the same Gore who took a fossil fueled flight to Madrid for COP25. Speaking of COP25 by the numbers

  • Number of participating nations in the COP conference: 190
  • Number of delegates who went to Madrid for the two-week proceedings: 27,000
  • Number of years COP has been held annually: 25
  • Cost of putting on the event: an estimated $100 million dollars
  • Number of hours COP proceedings went past their scheduled conclusion: 44
  • Number of people who marched in Madrid on Friday to demand climate justice: 500,000
  • Number of protestors kicked out of the conference venue: about 200
  • Agreements signed to set up global carbon markets: 0
  • Major emitters who agreed to make their emissions-reduction pledges more ambitious: 0

Oops. Fail.

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5 Responses to “Al Gore: Democrats Should Totally Run On Green New Deal”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    “Mother Nature is getting everybody’s attention with these fires and floods and hurricanes,”

    Yeah, because any time weather happens morons start screaming CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

    What is not reported in that flooding, wildfires and hurricanes have been decreasing in frequency and severity.

    And they wonder why we call them fake news.

  2. Dana says:

    Actually, they are all running on it, at least in the fact that they have their global warming climate change proposals on their websites.

    But when it comes to actually campaigning, they’ll give it scant attention, because those plans all call for completely reordering American society, and taking money out of the pockets of every American. It’s going to be up to President Trump and Republican candidates, pundits, bloggers, etc, to keep pointing out what the Democrats have actually proposed to do, up to us to not let them skim over things. The credentialed media won’t do it for us, that’s for damned sure!

    I noted Elizabeth Warren’s — among others’ — plans to require all cars produced after 2030 to be ’emissions free,’ and pointed out that most people don’t have the ability to install a car charging station at their homes, and that winter temperatures result in a large range loss for such vehicles, but I’m a nobody, with few people listening to me. There needs to be 100,000 more, just like me!

    The left’s global warming climate change proposals have all been created by people with the money to have heated garages with electric car charging stations, by people who live places where people can take the subway if they wish. Hillary Clinton already won in those places. It’s the people who live out in the country, the ones who live in small towns in which they don’t all have garages, who are going to be hurt most by the left’s plans, and that needs to be pointed out.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    If you like your electric company rates, you can keep your electric company rates. Under green new deal, most families will pay $2,500 less each year for energy. Plus, all the poor people will have as much free energy as they want. Renewable energy can meet all of our energy demands forever.

  4. W Wilson says:

    Sounds like fatass al needs some more money to buy some more beach front property.

  5. Jl says:

    Of course that will work-as we know, the only reason they lost the last presidential election is because they didn’t call those they disagreed with “racists and “white supremacists” enough…

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