Say, What Does America Look Like After Hotcoldwetdry?

It’s total doom, you guys

America After Climate Change, Mapped

In 100 years, what will a United States transformed by climate change look like? At this point, you don’t have to use much imagination to predict what’s coming: Temperatures will continue to climb; sea levels will continue to rise. And, by the 2060s, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that global migration patterns will bring 100 million new people into the country, who will settle from coast to coast.

Almost everything else about the climate of tomorrow and the nation’s ability to survive it is less inevitable, however, says Billy Fleming, the director of the University of Pennsylvania’s McHarg Center for Urbanism and Ecology. “There are certain general things we’re certain about, but the shape and content of the future is not one of them,” he said. “We get the future we build for ourselves.”

With other researchers from the McHarg Center, he designed a series of maps of the U.S. for an online collection dubbed The 2100 Project: An Atlas for A Green New Deal. The website use a variety of projected and current data sources to sketch out the country’s possible fate, displaying its geography in economic, ecological, agricultural, and ideological terms. Climate models vary, as do timelines and confidence intervals for each map. But collectively, Fleming says the images provide visual evidence that it’s not too late for grand interventions to make a fundamental difference. Ambitious proposals like the Green New Deal—which involves a dramatic overhaul of the nation’s energy and building infrastructure—could be the key, he said.

So, what does it look like?

I’m going to leave the graphic full size, and how that it shrinks according to browser size. See, because you ate meat and drove to work, there will be earthquakes in places that get earthquakes (yes, that red blob in the middle is correct, that’s the New Madrid seismic zone), hurricanes and floods in places that get hurricanes and floods, and wildfires in places that get wildfires. Because these things never happened before the fossil fueled engine, you know.

This is how insane this cult is, especially the earthquakes thing.

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10 Responses to “Say, What Does America Look Like After Hotcoldwetdry?”

  1. Dana says:

    Well, how ’bout that? According to that map, there’s no change at all for my humble abode!

    It is kind of amusing that the map predicts a greater chance of floods along the Ohio River and upper Mississippi River, but no higher risk of floods along parts of the lower Mississippi River, into which the Ohio, upper Mississippi and Missouri rivers flow.

  2. Kye says:

    Basically it looks the same as before hotcoldwetdry. Do these brainwashed cultists realize there have always been wildfires, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes in those areas? The only difference is the middle class in those areas would be non-existent, wiped out by over regulation and over taxation. But I imagine that’s the real goal.

    Trump 2020 Keep the prosperity moving

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Your logic: There has always been cancer, therefore smoking doesn’t cause cancer.

      • Kye says:

        That is nearly the dumbest thing you ever wrote here. Smoking is a personal choice and smoking caused cancer is an individual choice. Destroying Western Civilization and the American economy for a cult that can’t prove what it says nor practice what it preaches is nothing similar.

        The nonsense you climate mongers preach is unproven, perhaps even unprovable with todays technology, and the solutions you propose always seem to do massive harm to civilization and would necessarily result in a genocide for humanity. Plus, the very fact that you don’t practice your own religion is a dead giveaway it’s all bullshit.

        Like everything else the left preaches it’s just for me but not for thee.

        Trump 2020 Keep the growth going.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          Perhaps I was too subtle. Passive-aggressive even. My apologies.

          Claiming that flooding has happened in the past does not refute the fact that flooding is getting worse, just as the existence of lung cancer before the increase caused by smoking didn’t refute that smoking causes cancer.

          Do Christians always follow every tenet of their religion? Christians (even Christian ministers/priests/pastors) steal, kill, cheat, rape, lie, assault, abuse, covet, dishonor and commit adultery.

          Scientific theories are not proven, but become accepted based on accumulated evidence. We can’t explain the theory of gravity but we accept from evidence that it is real.

          What evidence would “prove” to you that human generated CO2 is causing the Earth to warm?

  3. alanstorm says:

    IOW, Citylab is saying there will be no change. Glad they finally admitted it!

  4. M Lee B says:

    In addition to the earthquake zone insanity, the flooding risk areas are a complete joke. I have either lived in or visited or the vast majority of the states west of the Mississippi. The marked potential flood areas are be completely bogus. The majority of these areas are hundreds (in some cases thousands of feet) above any source of standing water or natural water flow. Especially ridiculous are the areas marked for central North and South Dakota as well as the Washington, Oregon, and Idaho regions. As stated earlier, apparently southern Idaho, Utah, and Nevada have never had a wildfire previously. Who would have known – – – I feel so much more better that I am now informed.

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