Lilly White Sunrise Movement Holds Protest In Durham With Santa

It’s long been known that the ‘climate change’ movement has a race problem, mostly being that few other than white, privileged middle and upper class folks care. And, if you check the video at the link, you’ll see a sea of white faces in a city that is almost 40% black

Young, old and Santa march in downtown Durham for action on climate change

Hundreds of mostly young people took to the streets in Durham Friday, saying they can’t wait for politicians to fight climate change.

“Take a second to look around you and see how many people are ready to stand up and fight for a Green New Deal,” Georgette Sordellini said from a small platform in Durham Central Park.

Behind her, a banner read “Sunrise Movement.” In front of her, more than 200 residents of Durham and Chapel Hill, were gathered to protest government’s failure to respond to climate change.

While it was labeled a youth climate strike, the protesters ranged from elementary children all the way up. One sign in the back of the crowd read, “We can be our grandchildren’s’ heroes.”

Why weren’t they in school?

Speakers gave remarks about being Native Americans and respecting the land, racial equity in the climate-change conversation and investing in regenerative farming. Elijah King from Riverside High School in Durham, evoked a quote from former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner, “Only all that we love is on the line.”

While each speaker brought a different perspective to the protest, there was a main focus of the event: The Green New Deal.

Yeah, the Extinction Rebellion nutters where present, and pretty darned white.

They also plan on creating citizen councils through local government, which Pentecost said would remove lobbying money and campaigning from the process. The group plans on using “non-violent civil disobedience,” including sit-ins and shutting down roads to get its message across.

So, lots of government is the goal, especially to stop the Free Speech protections, under the US and NC Constitutions, of those who oppose them.

As the group marched through downtown, people banged drums and played guitars. A man in a Santa Claus suit chanted with the crowd, “No more coal! No more oil! Keep our carbon in the soil!” while holding a sign that read “Santa says coal is naughty.”

Right, right, so, all the kiddies are willing to forgo all their Christmas presents and such, right?

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3 Responses to “Lilly White Sunrise Movement Holds Protest In Durham With Santa”

  1. John says:

    Teach how do you feel about courts finally reducing the gerrymandering that was so prevalent in your state ?
    Coal plants are being shut down by market forces, and no new coal fired plants are even being proposed
    American Electric Power the biggest coal burning utility has just proposed spending 4.5 billion on a wind farm in Oklahoma

  2. John says:

    The entire Alaskan Federal cod fishery has been closed not from overfishing but from die off because the water temp increased 4-5 degrees
    The arctic is warming about 3 times faster than the rest of the planet
    This could be the end of Trumps fav McDknsls item, the Fish Delite

    • Kye says:

      Yes, I noticed how I was refused my Alaskan Cod Imperial last Sunday at Bonefish Grille. I was sooooo disappointed. Sucka, it was delicious!

      BTW, that would only prove that putting the Federal into “Alaskan Cod Fishery” was a BIG mistake. Like they say, if the Feds were in charge of beaches we’d run out of sand.

      Trump 2020 Save the Alaskan Cod. And the sand!

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