USA Today: Swimming In Underwear Teaches You About Donald Trump And Getting Away With It Or Something

Trump Derangement Syndrome abounds. First we had the idiot Newsweek reporter and her story of how Trump was going to spend Thanksgiving golfing, tweeting, and more, which was clearly a huge bit of TDS. Then, of course, Trump went to Afghanistan to visit the troops. Not sure the reporter, or, is that, “reporter”, should have been canned, as Newsweek and the rest of the media pull this stuff on a daily basis, but, there you go. And here we go

What swimming in my underwear taught me about Donald Trump and getting away with it

Last month I swam laps at a public health club in my underwear. I forgot my bathing suit and was damned if I was going to spend an hour walking home and back to get it.  As I approached the pool, the horrified stares from two older women in the whirlpool made my humiliation feel as though I’d accidentally taken a double dose of my daily “skin on fire” niacin. But as a litigator, I’ve learned to watch my case circle the drain and not flinch. And so I shot the women a look that said “You perverts, haven’t you ever seen a man in a Fruit of the Loom bathing suit?”

With each lap, I expected a pool skimmer to hit me on the head before security dragged me out of the pool. But it never happened. And so instead of making a beeline to the locker room when I was done swimming, I was emboldened. I smiled at the same ladies as I joined them in the whirlpool. By this time, their shock had subsided and their expectations recalibrated. They didn’t raise an eyebrow as they shared a hot bath with a stranger in his underwear.

As I walked home it occurred to me: That’s how President Donald Trump gets away with it.

Anyhow, Excitable Michael J. Stern goes on a rant after that about Trump, facts, how big a meaning Trump is, and that impeachment is super awesome, and why he should be impeached

The insidiousness of Trump’s forward inching by desensitizing us to a train off the rails must be stopped. That’s where impeachment comes in. For too long we have relied on pundit babble and impotent congressional subpoenas as a response to pieces of the sky falling.

So, desensitizing us is reason for impeachment? In other words, Democrats are very unhappy that Trump is doing what Republicans never do, which is to Fight Back.

Beyond branding Trump a failed president, for Democrats impeachment is a strategic necessity. Nothing breeds voter apathy quicker than the thought that your leaders are doing nothing in the face of a disaster that demands they do something. The 2020 platform must be built around: “We’ve done all we can. If you’re unhappy with what Trump and the Republican Senate have done, vote us back into power.”

Meanwhile, in the real world, the economy is doing great, unemployment is at historic lows, and consumer confidence is still high, despite all the doomsaying from the media on a “coming recession”.

Finally, however slim, impeachment brings a hope for deterrence. Last month was not the first time I forgot my bathing suit and swam in my underwear. Perhaps if security had hit me on the head with a skimmer and dragged me out of the pool the first time, I’d make sure I packed my bathing suit before heading to the gym.

Back to the underwear. Stern should remember that this sets the bar for future presidents. Using this standard, Obama could have been impeached 5-10 times. Any future Democrat could see this happen to them. You reap what you sew.


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5 Responses to “USA Today: Swimming In Underwear Teaches You About Donald Trump And Getting Away With It Or Something”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Can Michael J. Stern (or any other liberal idiot) point to any actual disasters caused by Trump?

    I keep reading drivel like this, but no valid examples are ever given.

  2. Dana says:

    The ladies were simply surprised that someone with such a small penis would swim in public with attire which revealed its size. A real man would be a conservative.

  3. formwiz says:

    security dragged me out of the pool

    Security? At a gym?

    Talk about a snowflake establishment.

    The insidiousness of Trump’s forward inching by desensitizing us to a train off the rails must be stopped.

    Projection. The Lefties can’t help themselves.

    They’ve been getting away with the same thing for a hundred years. Now it’s happening to them.

    I love the smell of schaudenfreude in the morning.

  4. Nighthawk says:

    In today’s society the women and staff did nothing because they would have been labeled some sort of ‘phobic’ and fired and/or banned.

  5. Doom and Gloom says:

    If he was a conservative the LA times along with WaPo and NyT would have been there with camera crews talking about how the right is perverts and exposing themselves to little old ladies before he attempted to drown them or shove them off a cliff.

    As it were, In a liberal world its okay to be a pervert. There are many of them. Just look at hollywood where they bang each other and no one can keep up with who is banging who all the while they pretend to hold the moral high ground.

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