Hotcoldwetdry Denialists Have Won If We Label Eco-Anxiety As An Illness Or Something

Sadly, the majority of this is behind the paywall, but, we can get a good laugh at the headline and what we can see

If we label eco-anxiety as an illness, climate denialists have won
No planet B | The UK media reports a “tsunami” of cases of eco-anxiety in children. It is no medical condition, though, it is a rational response to the state of the climate, says Graham Lawton

LAST week I had a sobering conversation with an editor from one of the BBC’s flagship science programmes. He had been reading my column and wanted to pick my brains about emerging environmental issues. After half an hour chewing over the dire state of the climate and biodiversity, he asked me: how do you cope? How do you sleep at night knowing all of this?

I admit that I sometimes lose sleep, usually when I’m working on a story that brings me face to face with the realities of climate breakdown or biodiversity loss. I worry for …

At least Graham admits that it is totally fake, just a bunch of nutballs. And here’s more eco-anxiety crazy

Here we go

In birthplace of the U.S. revolution, a climate rebellion takes root

Gathered in a dark room of a historic Boston church, about a dozen people sat in folding chairs, some with their dogs at their feet, talking about the threat of climate change – and how to start a new revolution.

It was in this city that the U.S. war for independence from Britain started more than 200 years ago. Now another group of activists, part of the Extinction Rebellion movement, are plotting how to push action on climate risks up the political agenda. (snip)

For many – Burkhardt included – the emerging climate crisis has taken a personal toll.

The father of three said he suffers eco-related anxiety. He recalled how, when his 12-year-old son Iain was younger, the boy was completely engrossed with images of wildlife in the family encyclopedias.

“He was just so curious and full of awe and wonder of this planet and this rich abundance of life, and I’ve had to accept that he’s not going to experience that” as species extinctions accelerate in the face of climate change, Burkhardt said.

“It’s an experience of loss for me. I’m grieving for a future that I have to imagine for him.”


Brenda Lau, a student from nearby Northeastern University, was dressed all in black – a symbol of mourning – and held a large black sign reading, “Climate change equals genocide.”

The 21-year-old said she was marching to help those most vulnerable to climate threats.

“It’s not directly affecting us but (instead) people in minority communities, and so we have the privilege right now to act out for them,” Lau said.

Interesting. Those other people don’t seem to care. Sounds more like a bunch of Woke loonies who are living good lives wanting to white knight. And, yeah, most of these XR nutters are overwhelmingly white.

(HuffPost Canada) Ryan Reynolds has one issue top of mind when it comes to the upcoming Canadian election: climate change.

On Wednesday, the Canadian actor posted a Twitter photo of himself, wife Blake Lively, and their new baby girl surrounded by trees, and urged voters to think about the federal candidates’ climate change policies when it comes to their vote. (snip)

Reynolds is among many parents who fear the impact of climate change on future generations ⁠— not only on their physical well-being but also on their mental health.

Ryan has his, but, this guy who flies all around the world wants to deny others theirs. And last, via Watts Up With That?, more on Extinction Rebellion

It’s no less through love and fear, and due to the same conditions of oppression that we face ourselves, that we saw such a disturbing reaction from some of those on the platform at Canning Town. These were commuters trying to get to work so they can support their loved ones. We recognise that disruption at Canning Town affected those already suffering the hardships of a toxic system – those who are the most at risk from the effects of climate and ecological collapse.

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