Dem Senators Want NBC Debate To Focus On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

I suppose this might work during an early primary debate, but, it will be interesting to see what the ratings are if they do make it happen, because ‘climate change’ action seems to be popular in theory, not so much in practice, especially when the candidates start talking about the cost of living increases and loss of personal freedom

Democratic senators want NBC primary debate to focus on climate change

Three Senate Democrats are calling on NBC News to have its first presidential debate focus exclusively on climate change.

Sens. Brian Schatz (Hawaii), Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.) and Martin Heinrich (N.M.) said in a letter to NBC’s top brass that the 2016 debates improperly shortchanged a topic of high interest to Democratic voters.

“There are many ways to address the climate crisis, and voters want to know what policies each candidate supports,” the trio wrote in a letter to NBC News Chairman Andy Lack. “Voters deserve a vigorous debate with an informed moderator that can press candidates for detailed answers and hold them accountable.”

Environmental groups and several 2020 candidates have also called for a climate-centric debate. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) joined that chorus last week, following a similar request from Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D).

Oh, make it happen, make it happen. Of course, they won’t actually be asked tough questions such as “what will your plan do to the cost of living of American citizens?” and “your plan makes it a lot harder for citizens to move around not just the country, but their own states, doesn’t it?” Oh, and the ever popular “what have you done to reduce your own carbon footprint? Paying for carbon offsets doesn’t count.”

And here’s yet another Democrat trotting out a climate plan

John Delaney is adding his name to a growing list of Democratic presidential hopefuls rolling out climate action plans, with a $4 trillion proposal announced on Thursday.

The former Maryland congressman’s plan focuses on six key areas to tackle the “climate crisis,” including an introduction of a carbon tax, renewable energy investments and funding carbon capture technology.

“We have to act on climate and we have to act now,” Delaney said in a statement. “We need a real plan to hit our goals and we have to listen to actual scientists. This is a real plan that all Americans can support. It is full of new ideas and massive investments in innovation that will both deal with climate change and create jobs in the heartland and all across our country.”

Delaney’s campaign called his commitment to a carbon tax, or fee, the largest component of his climate plan. He proposes starting the fee on carbon pollution at $15 per metric ton of Co2 and increasing the cost by $10 every year. The issue was an important one for Delaney while he was in Congress. He introduced the first bipartisan carbon fee and dividend bill in over 10 years, according to his campaign.

Who’s surprised that a tax is the top idea from a Democrat?

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