American Physiological Association Creates Climate Change Guide For Unhinged Warmists

How does this go?

  1. Manufacture a crisis based on shoddy data because the world warms now and then
  2. Scream about how bad the fake crisis is
  3. Teach kids how bad the fake crisis is
  4. Cause some people to become mentally unhinged
  5. profit by taking advantage of what nutters created

From the link (watch you liquids intake)

A student in Wendy Petersen Boring’s climate-change-focused class said she woke at 2 a.m. and then cried for two solid hours about the warming ocean.

“This is a computer science major,” Petersen Boring said.

Petersen Boring, an associate professor of history, religious studies, women & gender studies at Willamette University in Oregon, has been teaching about climate change for a little over a decade. In that short time, she has watched her students’ fear, grief, stress and anxiety grow.

Nothing bad and loony could possibly come out of that class, right?

“Back in 2007, it was the mouse in the room; then, it became the elephant in the room. By 2016, those concerns and fears began to flood over,” Petersen Boring said.

Her students aren’t alone. Polls show that many more Americans worry about global warming. There’s no clinical definition, but climate anxiety and grief or solastalgia — “the distress that is produced by environmental change impacting on people while they are directly connected to their home environment” — has become such a concern that the American Psychological Association created a 69-page climate-change guide to help mental health care providers.

It should be really one page, with things like telling patients to grow up, chill out, get a life, and stop scaring themselves to death over something that is mostly natural.

There are support networks like Good Grief in Salt Lake City, created to help people build resilience while discussing “eco-anxiety,” despair and inaction on the environment.

Higher temperatures alone have led to more suicides and increased psychiatric hospitalization and have hurt our sleep, which can also also harm mental health. These problems will get worse as the temperature continues to rise, research shows.

If people can’t handle a mild 1.5F increase in temperatures since 1850, most of which none of us alive have felt in full, they really shouldn’t be going in public, because they’re nuts.

It’s going to take an enormous global effort to keep the planet from that catastrophic point. Yet the Trump administration has buried government reports on climate change. Trump pushes for “American energy dominance,” developing initiatives that reward greenhouse gas-producing industries. This lack of political will is compounding some people’s anxiety, experts say.

“With the Trump election, the change in my students, the sense of grief and fear and paralysis in the room, became palpable,” Petersen Boring said.

Plenty more loony tunes in the story, but I’ll end on the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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6 Responses to “American Physiological Association Creates Climate Change Guide For Unhinged Warmists”

  1. Kye says:

    These are the morons who will take over when we boomers are all dead. This feted pile of crap who believe everything exists to please them.

    If our universities are one-party states, then our government effectively becomes a one-party state:
    This means our schoolteachers, lawyers, judges, journalists, bureaucrats, and yes, corporate stuffed suits are all products of the one-party state. Elections are now meaningless. The true power was ceded 50 years ago when the far left took control of academia.

    We’ve been focused on the slow-motion coup attempt against President Trump. Here is a slow-motion coup attempt against half the nation. We are to be quashed, silenced, de-platformed, terminated from jobs, assaulted in the streets. This is a G-D war whether or not you want to admit it. People like Elwood will destroy our Republic and most likely if history is to be believed murder millions of us as they have done in the name of socialism for over a hundred years.

    First they silence us. Then they disarm us. Then they control us. Look how Elwood reacts when I call Buttpeg, Buttpeg. He’s okay with guys giving each other BJ’s. He’s okay with guys screwing each other up the butt. But I’m an evil “homophobe” (BTW, I’m not in any fear of homos) for calling these perverts “fags”. Where is this guy’s morality at? He defends perversion and sodomites and yes, child molesters as he ridicules people who point it out.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:


    Only morons believe that global warming is a hoax.

    We’ve never understood why the right is so proud of being uneducated or undereducated. There’s no question that smart folks and educated folks tend to be more liberal. Cons likely think this is a commie plot started decades ago and now coming to fruition. Because Cons do not reason or evaluate evidence well they tend to be susceptible to conspiracy theories. You’re always victims of sundry plots perpetrated by commies, Blacks, libs, immigrants, eggheads and atheists.

    You and yours control America – White House, SCOTUS, most statehouses, Senate, most CEOs, most rich folks – yet you’re whining about being a victim because you’re accurately portrayed as a hateful homophobe and islamophobe. Who knows how deep your hate runs.

    And you whine when others criticize your cruel and boorish behaviors. You whine that you are going to be fired, assaulted and even murdered by the millions. Waaaah. Poor babies. Just more projection. YOU would be the first to assault or kill “your enemies”. Your Orange Messiah advocates violence against his and your political enemies. First, tyrants dehumanize the opposition. Rapists, fags, commies, illegals, enemy of the people, …

    Why do you call Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Buttpeg? Because he is married to a man? Why are guys like you so concerned about the sex lives of others?

    My morality? I defend those who are attacked by the likes of you. Men like you always punch down. A man who thinks he’s superior to gays, Blacks, immigrants, Muslims. A pathetic, hateful old man. And no, I didn’t defend child molesters.

    You’re not a sociopath – you’re just an asshole.

    • Mangoldielocks says:

      Why do you call Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Buttpeg?

      Question for you Why do you call Trump a 1000 different derogatory names. Why did you insist he had sex with his own daughter? From this point forward I will chronicle all the names you cast at trump and every other politician and then we will see who is a racist homophobe.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Fat Nixon is my current fave. He’s fat, and the most dishonest president since Nixon. And the next president to resign (unless he’s prepared to die in prison).

        The King of Orangutania is not bad.

        Don Juan Trump

        I only suggested he had sex with his daughter. Have you seen the perverted pictures of him with her? Gross.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    TEACH: It was the American Psychological Association, not the American Physiological Association.

  4. Kye says:

    Very good rant, Elwood. It projects your narcissistic belief in your superiority both intellectually and morally. Of course you are 100% wrong on both accounts but you’re too self absorbed and busy patting yourself on the back to note it.

    I identify people for what they are and you don’t like that and you can’t do a damn thing about it either. You are powerless. Just like the fascists you align yourself with.

    Once again I’ll repeat myself so you “intelligent” elites can understand: I don’t hate anybody!!!! I hate any IDEA or ORGANIZATION that seeks the destruction of the United States and that includes but is not limited to Islam and communism. I don’t give a rats ass what about the sex lives of fags but I refuse to whitewash their perversion. And when it comes to blacks and immigrants I admire their good traits and I also see their bad and again I refuse to cover it up. You do realize I’m married to an immigrant you idiot. Of another race you idiot.

    So you took your best shot and all you did was reveal your hateful narcissism and inability to accept I look at things differently because I’m not allowed to in your narrow world. How can a person who believes himself and his ilk to be so smart be so stupefyingly dumb?

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