NBC News Says ‘Climate Change’ Like Space Aliens Threatening Us Or Something

And this is why the Cult of Climastrology rails at the news media to make sure that Skeptics are not included in ‘climate change’ discussions, because there would be too much uproarious laughing and “what the heck is wrong with you?” type looks

NBC News Technology Correspondent: Climate Change Threat Like ‘When Space Aliens Land with Ray Guns and Are Threatening All of Us’

Monday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Live,” NBC News technology correspondent Jacob Ward sounded an alarm on the issue of climate change.

During an appearance with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, Ward likened the threat to that of a space alien invasion.

“[Y]ou look at it, and you think this should be our great unifying moment, right?” he said. “This is the moment when space aliens land with ray guns and are threatening all of us and we all band together like you see in the movies. This is it. And yet, that’s not somehow happening.”

Ruhle argued that wasn’t the case, to which Ward agreed but offered suggestions.

“I guess I feel that it’s the kind of thing where we should be able to band together,” Ward responded. “We should be able to access something really basic in our programming that just says, ‘Existential threat, humanity, band together,’ and we’re not doing that for some reason. But you know, the tactics we’ve seen, we know that cutting down on big agricultural production, especially around meat, is one of the big things that people talk about, manufacturing, you know, putting a real price on the cost of products and the pollution that they do, you know, prizing indigenous lands. One of the things this report says is that indigenous stewardship of lands tends to save them a little bit better. So there are lots of things we can do, we just need to get on board with the idea that this is an existential threat. We have to make it happen.” (originally from Newsbusters)

Perhaps we’d all band together if there was actual scientific proof. Oh, and if Warmists actually practiced what they preach. Oh, and if their policy prescriptions weren’t all about raising taxes and fees, dramatically increasing the cost of living, restricting our ability to travel, Government controlling out lives, and government controlling the economy.

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3 Responses to “NBC News Says ‘Climate Change’ Like Space Aliens Threatening Us Or Something”

  1. Mangoldielocks says:

    Ray guns. And Elwood calls the right conspiracy theorists.

    Fear mongers. Now hell, we got to worry about aliens invading.

  2. formwiz says:

    Well, Trump had the right idea with the Space Force.

    Now, all we need to do is the Warp slingshot so James T Kirk, Montgomery Scott, Pavel Chekov, Leonard McCoy MD, and Thomas Kyle are all born 40 years ago.

    • david7134 says:

      The space force is an absolute necessity for multiple reasons. Read the book by Leslie Kean on UFO’s it is amazing what other countries have accumulated. In fact, on Carlson, he has videos and the army has been accumulating information and even debris from alien craft. Then there is the fact that I saw one of these things. Looking at the sky while the dogs did their night business, I saw what I thought was a meteor, it was traveling faster than any object that I had seen in the sky. It then stopped, circled, and assumed its previous speed almost instantly. Made me a believer.

      Follow this with the fact that if we get into a tussle with China or Russia, the first thing to be attacked with be our satellite cover. India really upset folks when they shot down one of their own satellites a few years ago.

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