Media Seems Pretty Upset That Trump Is Done With All The Investigations From Partisan Democrats

The entire Russia Russia Russia probe was based on fake documents and irrational hatred, followed by Hillary losing fair and square to Donald, because she was a terrible candidate, insulted tens of millions of Americans, failed to go to needed states, and passed out on 9/11. On video.  That loss prompted Sore Loser Syndrome from Democrats, who were itching to investigate. So, you got the Mueller investigation. Which found no collusion, no criminal conspiracy, no criminal obstruction.

But, Democrats won’t give up, so we get

Trump’s defiance puts pressure on Congress’s ability to check the president

President Trump’s defiance of congressional attempts to investigate his administration has put new pressure on the legislative branch’s ability to serve as a constitutional check on a president who sees few limits on his executive power.

Since taking office, Trump has consistently treated Congress as more of a subordinate than an equal — often aided by the tacit approval of congressional Republicans who have shown little interest in confronting the president.

But tensions between Trump and Capitol Hill have escalated in recent days as the White House refuses to comply with subpoenas from newly empowered House Democrats eager to conduct aggressive oversight of his administration.

Trump’s decision not to cooperate with House committees, coupled with reluctance from Republicans in control of the Senate to cross him, has left Congress struggling to assert itself as a coequal branch of government — most likely leaving it to the courts to settle a series of power struggles that could define the relationship between the executive and legislative branches for years to come.

Interesting. So, it’s not the Democratic controlled House that is going overboard in mostly wanting all these personal investigations, things that have nothing to do with government policy, that’s the problem. And, would you be shocked that the above is not on the opinion pages of the Washington Post? It’s a front page article. Here’s the editorial

Sorry, Mr. President. Congress has every right to investigate you.

“THERE IS no reason to go any further, and especially in Congress,” President Trump told Post reporters Tuesday, explaining why he was preparing to stonewall congressional requests for administration documents and testimony, possibly by invoking executive privilege. “We’re fighting all the subpoenas,” Trump said on Wednesday. “These aren’t like impartial people.”

If that were the standard, then Congress could never investigate anything. Mr. Trump’s Republican colleagues must remember the battles they fought with President Barack Obama over transparency only a few years ago when they ran the House. Mr. Obama asserted executive privilege to prevent then-Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. from turning over documents on the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scheme. Republicans held Mr. Holder in contempt of Congress.

Right, right, that Obama guy, who trotted out executive privilege on most things which had to do with what was going on with government, and the Washington Post in all facets never complained. Congress, as run by Republicans, didn’t investigate Obama because he won elections, they investigated because of important issues, like losing track of at least 2,500 weapons, which ended up in the hands of Mexican cartel members, showed up at a terrorist attack in Paris, wounded at least 200 Mexicans, including children, and killed others. And we found out because they were used to murder two US federal agents. And Obama resisted all attempts to get the information, just like he did with the IRS targeting scandal, the Benghazi debacle, and Hillary’s server. Among others.

Speaking of Hillary, she’s also whining in the Washington Post. Of course, the same FBI that used their powers to investigate a presidential candidate because they didn’t like him also gave her a free pass. Will the Washington Post be cool with the investigations in how President Obama’s Executive Branch spied on a presidential candidate?

These investigations against Trump have nothing to do with things Trump is doing as president, but simply because they Hate him. With a capital H. They’re deranged. The same WP, and other media folks, weren’t concerned  with Obama treating Congress dismissively and as a “subordinate than an equal,” using his phone and pen to go around Congress with all sorts of big things, like the Waters Of The US, Clean Power Plan, Paris climate agreement.

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