We Need To Start Prosecuting People For Ecocide Or Something

Warmists have already called for prosecuting, jailing, and even executing Skeptics, as well as fossil fuels companies executives, so this kind of derangement should come as no surprise, nor that major world news outlets, in this case the UK Guardian, put this stuff out. This piece is about letters responding to recent coverage of ‘climate change’, the insane, violent Extinction Rebellion, and Cult of Climastrology dupe and huge user of fossil fuels Greta Thunberg, but the first letter is a doozy

Human responses to the threat of climate change and ecocide

Bill McKibben is right to believe in humans (To stop global catastrophe, we must believe in humans again, 23 April). After all, in the blink of an evolutionary eye we have gone from being able to stand upright to being able to fly off our planet, from believing that the horizon was the end of the earth to being able to peer into deep space-time, from understanding how our bodies work to being on the verge of being able to create life itself. We love to compete and we love to collaborate, often combining both activities in the name of sport. We are inherently social and have formed our immensely complex civilisation on the basis of agreeing what is “socially acceptable” and enshrining that with laws and rules.

With climate change, where we have gone astray is failing to update those laws and rules to cope with our burgeoning population, especially in our relationship with nature and the functioning of our economy.

There are two actions we could take that would transform our chances of surviving into the future. The first would be to enact a law of ecocide – the death of whose principal proponent was sadly reported in the same issue (Polly Higgins, tireless advocate for ecocide law, dies aged 50, 23 April). And the second would be to change the rules of accounting so that all companies using natural resources had to reinvest, say, 2% of their revenues in the restoration and repair of the natural environment.

As for the companies thing, well, these idiots never seem to realize the cost will not be born by the customer. As to ecocide, they been pushing this for a while now, and tried to get it added on the the Rome Statute, which is part of the International Criminal Court, to go with things like genocide and war crimes. It’s not new, going back to at least 1972, and turns doing something to the environment into a Major Crime. The Cult of Climastrology has essentially taken the extreme environmental movement over, and subsumed the notion of ecocide under the Cult’s banner.

What would they do? Prosecute companies and individuals in the ICC. Interestingly, many Leftists believe the ICC is too weak, and gives too much power to, get this, defendants. Hey, I know, we can start with all the Warmists who don’t practice what they preach, starting with the big shots like Al Gore, Barack Obama, Bill de Blasio, and others.

The major idea for Warmists, though, is to move ecocide from the ICC to national governments, making it much easier to prosecute violators and people engaged in Wrongthink. They would further move this down the chain into smaller areas. Districts, states (something mostly only used in the U.S.), counties, cities.

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2 Responses to “We Need To Start Prosecuting People For Ecocide Or Something”

  1. formwiz says:

    You just knew this was coming.

    The Commies hitched their wagon to the eco-star as soon as the Berlin Wall went down.

    Now, they’re advocating what Lefties always do. Mass murder. Coming soon to a Lefty paradise near you.

  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    We need to prosecute Deep Staters conspiring and accepting bribes during the Obama administration or something.
    Oh wait!


    These same guys nailed Greg Craig.


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