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NC Dems Seem Pretty Upset That ICE Might Want To Know If Illegals Are Registered To Vote

On one hand, Democrats say they are Very Concerned about the integrity of our voting system. On the reality hand, they want people who aren’t legally allowed to vote to vote for them Democratic congressmen call for inquiry over DOJ, ICE voting subpoenas A pair of North Carolina congressmen called Thursday on the U.S. Department […]

If All You See…

…are plants that will be decimated by carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Watts Up With That?, with a post on green outrage.

Nations Which Love Fossil Fueled Vacationing Want US, Others To Pony Up Climate Cash

Most of these nations depend on people taking long, fossil fueled flights for vacations Australia joins Pacific to declare climate ‘single greatest’ security threat Australia joined other Pacific island governments in a joint statement on Wednesday that named climate change as the major security issue facing the region. At a meeting of the Pacific Islands […]

Normalizing Political Assault: Man Who Hit White Nationalist Fined $1

The thing about our justice system is that it’s supposed to be impartial. All should be treated evenly and impartially. What kind of precedent does this set? Charlottesville man fined $1 after assault on white nationalist in 2017 A man convicted of assaulting a white nationalist two days after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville […]

Nike To Air Kaepernick Ad During Thursday’s Opener To Sell More Shoes

Remember, they refused to allow a veterans group to air an ad asking people to stand for the national anthem, but, they seem fine with a commercial featuring a guy who wore cops as pigs socks, gave money to a group supporting a cop killer, loves Fidel Castro, and hates white people. This should end […]

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