Nations Which Love Fossil Fueled Vacationing Want US, Others To Pony Up Climate Cash

Most of these nations depend on people taking long, fossil fueled flights for vacations

Australia joins Pacific to declare climate ‘single greatest’ security threat

Australia joined other Pacific island governments in a joint statement on Wednesday that named climate change as the major security issue facing the region.

At a meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum on Nauru on Wednesday, leaders signed the Boe Declaration, which recognised climate change as “the single greatest threat to the livelihoods security and wellbeing of peoples of the Pacific”.

The declaration also committed signatories to follow through on the promises made in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

Australia’s new foreign minister Marise Payne signed the document. Her government recently deposed prime minister Malcolm Turnbull after he proposed moderate measures to bring down carbon emissions. Australia currently has no policy designed to meet the targets it set in the Paris deal.

The photo you see above is included in the article, which is rather climaironic, wouldn’t you say? Those promises mentioned are about climate cash (Boe Declaration link)

17. Leaders called on countries, particularly large emitters, to fully implement their Nationally Determined Contribution mitigation targets, including through the development and transfer of renewable energy, in line with committed timeframes. Leaders of Forum Island Countries called on the United States to return to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

18. Leaders urged the expeditious progress of the work of the taskforce for the Pacific Islands Climate Change Insurance Facility.

They want money so they can continue to build out infrastructure for people to fly in for vacations. And just because they want some of America’s money. We’ve been pretty damned generous to nations around the world (who also tend to denigrate America). This is just another way to try and get more.

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One Response to “Nations Which Love Fossil Fueled Vacationing Want US, Others To Pony Up Climate Cash”

  1. JGlanton says:

    Someone should calculate emissions per resident+visitor for these places, then tell them that their Nationally Determined Contribution will be based on that. They will likely have to be Payers rather than Payees when you add in the airplane trips, cruise ships, tour boats, taxis, hotel electricity, food production and consumption…

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