Democrats Propose Legislation To Shrink Border Enforcement Zone

Republican House Leader Paul Ryan should do with this just like he wanted to do with the Democrats Abolish ICE legislation: put it up for a vote. And then watch Democrats caterwaul about having to *GASP* vote on their own legislation be a “stunt”

Rep. Pingree, other Democrats propose shrinking zones for immigration checks

U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree is co-sponsoring a bill to shrink the size of the border enforcement zone where federal immigration agents have been asking for proof of citizenship.

The Department of Homeland Security would be allowed to stop vehicles without warrants only within 25 miles of the border instead of within 100 miles as allowed under current law, among other changes. The proposal comes after U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents conducted controversial checkpoints on I-95 in Penobscot County and at a bus station in Bangor.

Customs and Border Protection has authority to conduct citizenship checks without a warrant within 100 miles of the nation’s land and coastal borders. That includes the entire state of Maine, all of which is within 100 miles of either Canada or the Atlantic Ocean. The checkpoints have drawn criticism and fueled fears and rumors of federal crackdowns among immigrants and other residents.

“When two-thirds of Americans live 100 miles from the border, it doesn’t make any sense for immigration agents to stop and question people’s citizenship status far from the point of entry. Not only are warrantless searches hours away from the border a waste of resources, they spread fear in peaceful communities and infringe on my constituents’ rights to be free from unwarranted searches,” Pingree, D-1st District, said in a statement.

Will we soon see Democrats and their nutter base call for the abolition of CBP, like with ICE?

The Border Zone Reasonableness Restoration Act would reduce the area in which federal agents can stop vehicles from 100 miles to 25 miles, limit the zone in which officers can search private lands, except houses, from 25 miles to 10 miles from a U.S. border, and prohibit border patrol agents from stopping vehicles at checkpoints farther than 10 miles from the border without reasonable suspicion that an occupant is in the country illegally.

So, what they really want to do is make it much harder for any federal agents to do the job of stopping illegal aliens. If I had to guess, these Democrats missed the section in the U.S. Constitution which specifies that the federal government is tasked with stopping foreign invasion.

Meanwhile, Democrat David Price (NC-4) (I’m in this shmuck’s district) learned about friendly fire from crazy believers in illegal immigration

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2 Responses to “Democrats Propose Legislation To Shrink Border Enforcement Zone”

  1. Dana says:

    In the play, and movie, 1776, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia is drafted to get a proposal of independence from the House of Burgesses in Richmond, because independence proposals from John Adams of Massachusetts are going nowhere because Mr Adams is “obnoxious and disliked.”

    And thus we see a congresswoman from my mother’s home state of Maine, along with a nutty Vermonter, proposing this, because everybody knows that it would go nowhere at all if proposed by a congresswoman from Texas, New Mexico or Arizona.

    Yes, all of Maine is within 100 miles of an international border, but no one is worried about hordes of Canucks from Quebec or New Brunswick invading the Pine Tree State. Heck, you get up around Piscatiquis and Aroostook counties, and and Canadians who had moved in and settled there would be so lost in the woods that they’d never be found! Mainers wouldn’t care.

  2. Hoss says:

    Democrats don’t even pretend to care about sovereignty anymore, and rule-of-law is only something to be utilized when convenient. Just like with their newfound love of socialism; it’s shit we knew the whole time.

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