Today In #Resist: Nutters Look To Revoke Liquor License At Trump Hotel

Look, people, we didn’t like Barack Obama being elected either time, but, we accepted it. He won fair and square. Trump won fair and square. Don’t like it? “You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election. But Don’t break it.” Most of our kooks were utter fringe. With Democrats (and #NeverTrump), we get the mainstreaming of insanity

Lawsuit looks to revoke Trump International Hotel’s liquor license

A D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commission is supporting a petition that seeks to revoke the Trump International Hotel’s liquor license.

The commissioners in ANC 4C unanimously voted to support a petition to revoke the Trump Hotel’s liquor license because the law says licensees should be people of “good moral character,” and the commissioners believe President Donald Trump is not of good moral character.

“What the complaint says is that the owner of the Trump International Hotel doesn’t meet that definition and so ABRA, the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration, should take action,” Zach Teutsch, ANC Commissioner 4C, said.

D.C. attorney Joshua Levy filed the petition to revoke the license on behalf of 7 D.C. residents and the move by the ANC 4C commissioners is to support that filing.

But ANC 4C is located about three miles from the Trump Hotel, which means the hotel isn’t in their jurisdiction. While the Trump Hotel is not in their jurisdiction, D.C.’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Administration says any civic group can file a complaint against a licensee any time.

The Trump Hotel’s license is up for renewal in 2019, but not everybody’s on board with the effort to revoke the license. Some, even those who disagree with the president’s politics, say his opponents are trying to score a symbolic shot at Trump but will hurt bartenders, servers and other workers at the hotel who earn a living and put tax dollars back into the District thanks to the liquor license.

Most likely, the license will be renewed because there is zero real world reasons not to. Also, the ABRA will understand that they’ll get sued if they go TDS and refuse to renew it.

We can certainly expect that other TDS infused #resistance wankers will see this petition and run with the same in places where other Trump properties exist, just because they’re unhinged and can’t simply MoveOn with their lives.

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