Now Baltimore Plans On Suing Fossil Fuels Companies Over ‘Climate Change’

This will probably go the same way as the other suits: memory holed by a judiciary which says cities have no standing to do this

Baltimore plans suit against oil and gas companies for their role in spurring climate change

Baltimore officials are expected to announce Friday a lawsuit against top oil and gas companies for their role in global climate change.

Mayor Catherine Pugh and city Solicitor Andre M. Davis are scheduled to discuss the complaint at an 11 a.m. news conference.

The lawsuit follows more than a dozen similar complaints filed by governments around the country — some of which judges have quickly tossed.

Just Thursday, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit New York City officials filed against oil companies, echoing a 2011 Supreme Court ruling that called climate change “an undertaking for the political branches” of government.

Perhaps Charm City should worry more about why police are afraid to do their jobs, which has led to more crime. Be more concerned with the high murder rate among the black residents who comprise 65% of the population. Why whites and affluent blacks and others are leaving the city. And a variety of problems.

And, again, I maintain that the fossil fuels companies should refuse to sell their products to the city government, even if just for a week or two. Let’s see them operate without.

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