California DOJ Sued Over Failed Gun Registration Website

Create a situation where you will penalize lawful gun owners if they do not comply, then make it darned impossible to comply

Gun Rights Advocates File Lawsuit Against the DOJ for ‘Bullet Button’ Policy

Gun rights advocates are blaming the state Attorney General and the state Justice Department for a malfunctioning website that caused assault weapon owners to miss a crucial registration deadline.

Gun rights groups are asking that the deadline be extended and because they haven’t gotten an answer, they’ve filed a lawsuit asking a judge to stop enforcement of a law requiring the registration of assault weapons that have the controversial ‘bullet button’ feature that allows shooters to change ammunition magazine quickly.

The lawsuit argues that those who want to register their guns legally are now being penalized. (snip)

A law was passed requiring those who had them to register them. But an Attorney General’s website set up to register them stopped working a week before the June 30th deadline.

A class action lawsuit by several gun owners claiming they tried for hours and sometimes days to register their bullet button assault weapons online to no avail. Help lines went unanswered.

After the deadline, they were told only that they missed the deadline, technically making them guilty of felonies.

Remember, though, they aren’t coming after your guns and law abiding citizens, they just want to make it harder for criminals to use guns.

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3 Responses to “California DOJ Sued Over Failed Gun Registration Website”

  1. jefe jefe says:

    They’re like a Mexican-American arrested without their driver’s license. The gun nutz should have been better prepared.

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