We Need To Revamp The 2nd Amendment To Stop Gun Violence Or Something

Remember, they’re not trying to take away our guns, they just want some common sense reforms. And along comes “Alan L. Moss, former wage-hour chief economist and congressional fellow to the late U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, is the author of six books, including “Selling Out America’s Democracy”” to blow that little thing away. He spends the majority of the opinion piece regurgitating things that have happened, like a few shootings (some by gang bangers. Why won’t they follow the law?), some stats, blamestorming the NRA, mentioning the gun grabbing March for our Lives, and he seems pretty upset about some having 1s Amendment Rights by the time we get to paragraph 15

To stop gun violence, we must revamp 2nd Amendment, remove big money from federal elections


Attempts to limit campaign contributions that give the gun lobby (and others) the ammunition to win political support also have been decimated by the Supreme Court (Buckley v. Valeo, 1976). In that and later decisions, it found that campaign-expenditure limits contravene the First Amendment provision on freedom of speech; corporations were given the go-ahead to spend from their general treasuries to influence ballot initiatives; and aggregate limits on political giving by an individual to candidates, political action committees and party committees combined were found to be unconstitutional. These decisions have opened the floodgates to bribery through campaign donation.

How dare these people be able to express their 1st Amendment Rights!!!!!! It’s not just Free Speech, but the ability to petition for redress of grievance. Prick a Democrat, they’ll bleed in Fascist.

First, the Second Amendment must be revised to allow restoration of the assault-style weapons/ammunition ban, universal background checks and comprehensive gun bans in high-crime areas. These steps should be combined with gun-buyback programs to help rid neighborhoods awash with firearms and the violence they bring, and initiatives to bar dangerous individuals from gun ownership.

But, remember, they don’t want to take your guns. Perhaps Mr. Moss can tell us how the massive gun restrictions in a place like Chicago are working? But, hey, go for it, gun grabbers: try and change the 2nd Amendment. Be exposed for the Fascists you are.

Second, a new amendment must be fashioned to relieve federal political candidates of the burden to raise campaign funds. Formulas should be developed to estimate reasonable funding requirements for those who represent a minimum of voter potential either through party acceptance or other proof of popular support. Under this system, the federal allocation of campaign funds would be the only financial resources devoted to election expenditures.

I wonder if Mr. Moss objected when Mr. Obama broke his promise to use the money designated for the general election in 2008 and continued to fund-raise and spend well over that $75 million? I wonder if he would consider an exception so that groups like public sector unions and abortion groups can continue giving lots of money to Democrats? Or is he just concerned with the small amount of money spent by lobbyists for the 2nd Amendment?

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2 Responses to “We Need To Revamp The 2nd Amendment To Stop Gun Violence Or Something”

  1. jeff says:

    Prick a Democrat, they’ll bleed in Fascist.

    Prick a Republican, they’ll bleed in Projection. “It’s Always Projection”

    Are you now claiming that changing our Constitution by Amendment is fascism?

    Is Amerika on the verge of fascism? Yes. But look no further than the NuCon-dominated White House, Congress, Supreme Court and statehouses.

    “We’re Amerika, bitches! And we’re consolidating our power and there’s nothing you can do about it!?

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