Remember, ‘Climate Change’ Is All About Science, Not Politics

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I wonder if Rosa, and all the others pushing for Socialism (not really textbook political definition Socialism, since that model features government staying the hell out of our lives), can tell us exactly how the environment fared under the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc?

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13 Responses to “Remember, ‘Climate Change’ Is All About Science, Not Politics”

  1. jeff says:

    Scientific evidence supports the theory that increased atmospheric CO2 is causing the Earth to warm.

    All kinds of folks will have all kinds of opinions of what to do about it. So-called skeptics propose doing nothing since 1) there is no warming or 2) if there’s warming it’s mostly natural or 3) if it’s caused by greenhouse gases it’s too late to mitigate or 4) the cure is worse than the disease. Hard core leftists want to throttle capitalism regardless of global warming.

    Almost all climate scientists conclude we should reduce the amount of CO2 being added to the atmosphere.

    • formwiz says:

      Scientific evidence according to whom?

      Most of this stuff is only peer reviewed to see if it supports the agenda, not whether it’s valid.

      • jefferson says:

        Scientific evidence according to whom?

        You know, scientists, the usual suspects.

        From whom do you get your scientific evidence – tRump, Scott Pruitt and “skeptic” bloggers?

        • Bill589 says:

          Scientific evidence supports the fact that the climate has always changed.
          Giving government more money and power doesn’t change that fact.

  2. Jl says:

    And no scientific evidence, only speculation, on the alleged adverse effects of warming, whatever the cause

  3. jeffy says:

    Some cities in red state Arizona are considering “heat detectors” in homes to keep old folks from dying from the global warming scam.

    Why is global warming worse at night?

  4. formwiz says:

    It’s the desert, idiot.

    • jefferson says:

      Even a desert gets warmer with global warming, idiot.

      • Bill589 says:

        The real idiot is the useful idiot. One that believes giving government more money and power for this ruse is a good idea.

        • covjefe says:

          Global warming is not a ruse. At least according to the evidence. As your (and TEACH’s) comments demonstrate, the right disputes the evidence for ideological, not scientific reasons.

          We do understand that Con Men object to government in general, and that ideology tRumps their understanding of science.

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