Gun Grabbers Look To Shut Down Major Chicago Road Saturday Morning

They want more gun control, because Chicago doesn’t have enough regulations on law abiding citizens owning guns

(Fox32) Father Michael Pfleger is set to lead anti-violence protesters on a march that will shut down a mile-long stretch of the Dan Ryan Saturday morning.

The march is scheduled start at 10 am at 79th Street and go north on the inbound lanes to 67th Street. But state police say they plan to arrest protesters if they step onto the expressway.

“Our youth are very determined. It is important to me that this is a non-violent demonstration,” Father Pfleger said.

Father Pfleger says it’ll be the youth leading the way onto the Dan Ryan expressway Saturday, including students like Rieonna Holman.

This is a group linked to the astroturfed March For Our Lives, backed by big money groups like Bloomberg’s Everytown and Mom’s Demand. Despite all the massive gun control for Chicago, 7 were wounded on July 4th. Two were killed, two were wounded in shootings on Friday. Controlling guns stops nothing. This is people violence.

Unsurprisingly, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who’s presided over a big jump in violent crime in Chicago, says he’s super supportive of this.

Meanwhile, few papers are covering this (and the Washington Post put in deep in the paper)

Conservative students speak out on gun rights, plan marches in 10 cities Saturday

As a pro-gun, conservative student, Anthony Bartosiewicz believes his opinion has been drowned out. The 16-year-old from Wheaton, Ill., said classmates who learn that he is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment have called him a “school shooter” or have pushed him into arguments about guns.

The highly publicized wave of student-led gun-control activism after the mass shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school in February has left some conservative students feeling as though their views are not being taken into consideration in the debate about how to stop school shootings. As the March for Our Lives movement has been trying to push gun-control legislation across the country, a group of students who want to protect Second Amendment rights is sponsoring rallies nationwide on Saturday.

“The problem that I saw was I didn’t necessarily have a voice,” Bartosiewicz said. “It’s gotten to the point where another reason that I feel like we’ve been drowned out of the conversation is because people who are pro-gun aren’t confident enough to speak their mind.”

A lot of them probably do not want to speak out as they’re worried about literally being assaulted by Liberals.

Organizers say they feel as though their right to bear arms is in danger and that the wave of gun-control activism could lead to certain types of guns being banned. The students are calling for the safe, responsible use of guns. They would like to see increased security in schools, including armed guards. Some would like teachers to be armed.

The group spearheading the rallies — March for Our Rights — has planned marches in Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington on Saturday, with sister events in seven other cities. The rallies are expected to be modest, but organizers hope to lay a foundation for growth in coming years. Speakers include conservative radio host and former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh at the Chicago rally and NRATV host Cam Edwards at the Washington march.

Good for you, youngsters. Don’t take the bait when Leftist agitators attempt to goad you into fights.

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2 Responses to “Gun Grabbers Look To Shut Down Major Chicago Road Saturday Morning”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    I’m forced to concede that the Democrats may be right on this issue. They know “their people” better than I do and we should listen to them. Democrats can’t be trusted with weapons. They should all be disarmed based on their voting history. If you ever voted for a politician who demanded more gun regulation, you should be disarmed. Especially if you are one of those people who makes his living carrying a gun, like police or federal LEO of various sorts like the Library of Congress. The country will be a much safer place if all those nut-jobs did not have guns. Of course, out where I live, this isn’t a problem. Almost everyone has guns and no one is getting shot at every weekend. Must be something in the water.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Oh, and Democrats are probably right about abortion too. Black and brown babies need to be killed before they are born. I don’t personally agree with this, but Democrats should know about what is good for “their people”. Democrats should also be exposed to malaria too, since they abhore DDT. I’m glad “my people” value human life higher than mosquitoes. We can just keep fogging them till they die.

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