Latest Scenario Of ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Doom: Dengue Fever

A tax will fix this, you know. And you giving up meat and riding your bike to work will also help

Keeping Global Warming to 1.5 Degrees Could Spare Millions Pain of Dengue Fever

Faster international action to control global warming could halt the spread of dengue fever in the Western Hemisphere and avoid more than 3 million new cases a year in Latin America and the Caribbean by the end of the century, scientists report.

The tropical disease, painful but not usually fatal, afflicts hundreds of millions of people around the world. There is no vaccine, so controlling its spread by reining in global warming would be a significant health benefit.

The study is one of several recently published that attempt to quantify the benefits of cutting pollution fast enough to keep warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. It also projects infection patterns at 2 degrees of warming and 3.7 degrees, a business-as-usual case.

Got that? It’s something that’s been happening for a long, long time, but, it’s going to totally happen if we (and by we, they mean forcing taxes, fees, restrictions, etc, on you, not themselves) fail to something something something.

Without greater ambition, the study projected an additional 12.1 million annual cases of dengue fever in the Caribbean and Latin America by the end of the century.

By comparison, if warming is held to 2 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial times—the longstanding international climate goal—the number of estimated additional cases in the region falls to 9.3 million.

Controlling emissions to keep the temperature trajectory at 1.5 degrees Celsius would lower that to an annual increase of 8.8 million new cases.

The increase in infection is driven in great part by how a warmer world extends the dengue season when mosquitoes are breeding and biting.

So, places that are already warm and wet throughout the year would still be warm and wet throughout the year, but, our computer models predict doom! And this super important, because it is being propagated all over the usual suspects, such as here, here, here, and here. The talking point is all over the place. Once the Cult of Climastrology manufactures a scenario of doom, they aren’t letting go.

If you send me lots of money, I plant a few trees to help stop this.

We could probably get into the history of Dengue Fever, how it originated in Africa and SE Asia, that there are cases reported in China all the way back in the 200’s, that it spread due to people moving around the world and moving stuff that brought mosquito, that the Earth has gone through numerous warm periods warmer today, but, facts are immaterial to what Warmists believe or will listen to.

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  1. You know what else would be a significant health benefit for millions of people suffering from Dengue? DDT. Mosquito eradication programs worked all throughout the parts of the world Europeans cared about. Then they eradicated DDT because, in theory, songbirds in North America are more important than tens of millions of dead Africans and Asians. Sucks to be them. But to tell you the truth, if Africans and Asians aren’t willing to spend 50 cents a month on DDT to kill mosquitoes, in total defiance of American and European bans, then why should I care about ho many millions of them die every year? Africans and Asians seem to be OK with sacrificing lots of themselves on the Green altar. Who am I to stop them?

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