Say, Why Aren’t More Blue States And Cities Enacting A Cheap And Effective Way To Reduce Gun Crime?

Probably because White Democrats really do not care about the blacks living on the Dem plantations, except for the brief periods when their votes are needed

There’s A Cheap And Effective Way To Reduce Gun Violence. Why Aren’t More States Doing It?

Maryland enacted a wide-reaching package of gun violence prevention laws last week, becoming one of just a handful of states to get behind little-known measures that could save hundreds of lives and millions of dollars.

The measure, the Public Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2018, was designed to address urban violence, an issue that gets relatively little attention in the U.S. gun debate — it’s the mass shootings like Newtown, Las Vegas and Parkland that make the headlines — despite accounting for most of the 13,000 firearm homicides and 60,000 nonfatal shootings that take place across the nation each year.

The bill sets aside $5 million in the coming year to fund grants for programs that have been effective at making violence-stricken neighborhoods more peaceful. (snip)

Baltimore has already seen success with a prevention model called Cure Violence, a public health strategy that addresses the causes of violence. Case workers provide street outreach to those at risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of gun violence and mediate conflicts before they boil over. Neighborhoods that have adopted the program have seen far fewer shootings, with some recording periods of more than a year without a homicide, Lierman said.

Democrats created the situation in their cities where violence occurs, then they want lots of money to fix the problem

Of the 13,000 victims of gun homicides in 2015, over 8,500 were men of color, according to the Giffords report. Black men account for nearly half of firearm homicide victims each year but make up only 6 percent of the population. This phenomenon, known as murder inequality, is one of the many racial disparities that plague urban neighborhoods in the form of poverty, lack of employment opportunity and disinvestment in education and social services.

This is what Democrats have created, then they start yammering about racism.

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