USA Today: Big Panel Of Trump Supporters Think Trump’s Lying About Stormy Daniels, And Don’t Care

This is what passes for “journalism”: asking some Trump supporters about Stormy Daniels

Trump voters think he’s lying about Stormy Daniels. And no, they don’t really care.

Yes, they think President Trump’s lying about Stormy Daniels. And no, they really do not care.

Americans who voted for the president say they don’t believe his denial of the adult film star’s claim that she had a 2006 affair with Trump, the same year that Melania Trump gave birth to their son Barron. But that hasn’t tempered their sky-high support for the president. Neither has the Russia investigation into possible collusion tied to Trump, which they see as an increasingly transparent charade that’s wasting tax dollars and distracting from his agenda.

That’s according to the USA TODAY Trump Voter Panel, a free-floating focus group of 25 people nationwide who cast ballots for the president and now weigh in on the his performance every few months.

An entire story positioned as being all Trump voters based on a group of 25 people. Over 61 million voted for Trump.

“I’m not in the man’s pants. I don’t know what he did when he pulled them down,” Monty Chandler, a disabled veteran from Church Point, La., says of Daniel’s claims. “The only evidence is her, the hush money. We’re human. We all sin. And he tried to cover it up.”

He’s equally dismissive of the Russia-related allegations, echoing Trump’s descriptor of the investigation as a “witch hunt.” (snip)

“Once you’re a believer and supporter, you stay with who you believe is going to do everything correct,” says JoAnne Musial of Canadensis, Penn. “He’s going through hell, I’ll tell you that: I know of no other human in office who could go through what he’s going through.”

Fifteen of the respondents say they think Trump had a tryst with Daniels, with three saying he did not and three still unsure. Four did not respond. Of the panel’s seven women, six belive Trump stepped out on his wife, with several chalking it up to “boys will be boys” behavior.

“I hate to say this, but it’s a male thing,” laments Patricia Shomion of Mount Gilead, Ohio. “I think he’s mostly lying to himself, that he can’t bring himself out to say, ‘Well, I did, but it’s gone.’”

And while most believe Trump had an affair over 10 years ago, virtually none find that relevant to his presidency: Just one claimed the scandal had put a dent in their support.

That’s because no one really cares, except in the Leftist media. It’s immaterial. If it happened, it happened well before Trump became president. Consider that no one in the media was really caring to delve into Obama’s use of drugs, including cocaine and marijuana (illegal under federal law), prior to entering politics. They didn’t care to delve into his time at Columbia. They cared very little to delve into his relationship with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrne, both unrepentant terrorist bombers.

These same people had little interest in investigating Fast and Furious, whereby the administration allowed guns to be purchased and then run across the border into Mexico and losing track of them. Said guns were used to kill to federal border agents, lots of Mexicans (and harming lots of Mexicans), and were even linked to a jihadi attack in Paris. They weren’t interested in most things Obama. They truly were lapdogs. Imagine Trump doing the same things Obama did: how would the media react? How would they react if Trump tried a gun running program like F&F and have it go wrong the same way? Yeah, there’s your answer.

If Trump had a tryst with Daniels, who does care? Daniels never claims it was anything but consensual. Just like the so-called collusion, there’s nothing there there.

And the media wonder’s why their credibility is shot.

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  1. Yuleeyahoo says:

    Why is the media so surprised about this? They have already fought and won this battle during the Clinton administration. Remember?

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